My First Foxbody

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  1. Yea, I had one of those Eddy Air Gaps and apparently there thermostat housing area isn't good. Took about a million tries to get it not to leak. There's not enough surface area around the port that runs to the waterpump.
  2. Yeah man w production jobs no one gives a da*mn. Do your 8 and hit the gate.
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  3. I'm the world worst w getting t-stat gasket to seal.
  4. Ha-ha we've had that conversation before. We're blood brothers ha-ha
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  5. Ha yeah, why they gotta make it so hard!???
  6. The struggle is real my friend. Nice Avatar btw.
  7. Thanks man, that was dallas the other nite
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  8. In all honesty, the BBK intake was a good effort that never produced promising results. I don't think it looks horrible but at the end of the day it simply does not produce the hp number than you can get from a performer rpmII or a tfs intake plain and simple.
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  9. If one has e7's isn't the point moot anyway?
  10. Its just a poor design regardless of what heads the intake is on.
  11. How long has bbk been in the game? What'd they start w exhaust crap?
  12. They flow like crap,leaked fuel, burned/leaked about a quart of oil every 1000 miles due to the PCV location, and were prone to gasket leaks. Guys cars caught fire due to the gas leaks and others had their clutches fried becuase of the oil leaks. Other than that, they are great.
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  13. mikestang hit the nail on the head, change intakes and do sn95 5 lug swap
  14. Thanks guys, liked the way the intake looked but didn't know it was junk. As far as the 5 lug goes, wanna see what's the cheapest way
  15. There's some for $130 on FEP. If I don't get them I'd be happy to send them your way.
  16. Another forum...
  17. Fwiw. If the intake isn't leaking or having any issues I wouldn't get in a big hurry to change it. Especially if you're not going to mod the engine going forward and it runs right as is. As far as 5 lug conversions go late model restoration has a real nice kit with the cobra disc brakes included but it is expensive. They also have an entry level kit for under 500$
  18. Looking good