My First Mustang! Which One......

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by themaxx69, May 16, 2013.

  1. Newbie here. I've been wanting a Mustang convertible(must have) for some time now and I'm tired of waiting. I think I've narrowed it down to the 3.7 v6 or a 2003-04 Cobra. I honestly think I could live without the extra power in the cobra but....would be nice. I've got an 01 cbr929 so I know what warp speed is like, but it's not a necessity.

    I've seen some low mileage v6 for $17-20k and a couple cobras less than 70k miles about the same, if not a little less.

    I found one cobra under 70k stock except for CAI, from a dealer in supposed "excellent" condition. He wanted over 20k, I told him 15k, then he said 17K.

    I'm really torn between the two. 1 year old pretty fast car less than 10k, or 9 year old super fast sweet car with almost 70k. View attachment 128843
  2. Drive them both and make your choice. The Cobra will hold its value better if that makes a difference. I went to buy a new Mustang, and ended up with an 04 Cobra, but that was my choice, not yours.
  3. I've driven a new auto mustang, but not the cobra. Other than the transmission(hate autos), the only thing I didn't like was the suspension. Think maybe it was way to stiff? When I'd go over big speed bumps or the like, kinda fast, it sounded like the suspension was slamming down instead of absorbing it. My dinky escort doesn't do that.

    This will also be my daily driver. For sure!
  4. The Cobra sure isn't going to take a big bump smoothly either.... Sports cars normally equate to a stiffer suspension and rougher ride.
  5. Argh! The more I think about the harder it gets. Reliability is definitely at the top of the list though. I'm sure I will put on at least 12k miles a year. Work alone is gonna be 8k. Sure I'll be putting my foot down a lot, but I'm not gonna be racing it at the track every weekend.

    I'm very mechanically inclined and can turn a wrench just fine, but I honestly would rather spend my time doing other things rather than "fixing" my cars. It's not a damn helicopter. Worked on those a bit.

    Other than regular maintenance, upgrades, external engine parts wear, are problems with cobras due to people really pushing them? Too me, it's main purpose is transportation(in style). Kinda like a truck is meant for hauling stuff and off roading.

    If reliability "can" be close to the same, I would probably go with the cobra. If the price is right. Another main factor.
  6. If the Cobra is reasonably close to stock, it's reliability will be the same as any other car, in this case as one with 70K miles. That means it may not have issues real soon, but still sooner than a car with 10K miles...and 8 years newer.
  7. Pulled the trigger on an 03 cobra with just under 18000 miles. "Appears" to be in EXCELLENT condition. Got it for 19k. Waiting for delivery.
  8. Congratulations! Mine is currently at 19k miles.... They are fun cars to drive.