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  1. Nothing is better than the OEM Ford TFI. I'm not saying all aftermarket ones fail, but the OEM ones were designed to last many tens of thousands of miles. Their vulnerable location in the engine bay is a whole different story, but the Ford TFI modules themselves are very reliable.
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  2. The parts I ordered earlier this week arrived today!

    Subframe connectors(long brown box), torque box reinforcement kit, gear install kit, axles, studs, leather shift knob. Oh and I put the gear in the pic too(that was a Christmas gift from my dad).
  3. If/when that MSD TFI goes out, put some heat sinc on the back of the replacement. It'll help keep the TFI from getting too hot
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  4. Another update...more parts.

    Weaterstripping and upper control arm spherical bushing that mounts to the rearend.

    I'll post a pic of my AFM powerpipe tomorrow.
  5. Looks like one heck of a project. I'll be following this one for sure!
    Nice hardware so far.
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  6. 4" AFM powerpipe
  7. I actually did some work to the car today. I removed the seats, center console and carpet. The shop that will be installing my subframe connectors and torque box reinforcements suggested I remove the carpet....I had every intension on doing that anyway. I'll be bringing it to them next week. When I get it back I'll be pulling the rearend out to take it apart, clean it, paint it then bring it to the shop have all the new parts installed.


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  8. ^^I would probably wait to paint the rear until you got it back from being set up, or at the very least plan on touching it up. Are you having the axle tubes welded while it's out and apart?
  9. No I'm not getting the axle tubes welded right now. Maybe later.
  10. Just got in on a group purchase over on corral for 3" polished stainless steel tailpipes from VRS. Hopefully they'll be here in a couple of weeks.
  11. wow that looks great!
  12. Cut off the Frankenstien exhaust system. Now its totally ready to go to the shop to have the subframe connectors and torque box reinforcements welded in.

    Question: Do I need this canister if I'm running off-road exhaust? I THINK this is a part of the smog system.

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  13. Are you talking about the floors?
  14. That's the charcoal canister that's part of the evaporative emissions system (fuel vapor). You could probably delete that with no ill effect besides the possibility of fuel fumes from time to time (the fuel tank would have to vent somewhere).
  15. Thats what I thought.
  16. no man the mountain of parts.
  17. Oh...:cool:....thanks!!
  18. awsome build what part of new orleans are from. im not to far from you in picayune.
  19. Actually I'm on the westbank in Gretna. But I do everything n New, play, build my car. lol
  20. Well here she is in all her dusty glory on the way to have the subframe connectors and torque box reinforcements installed.

    I also brought all the parts for the shortblock to the machinist/engine builder today. The ball is officially rolling now. Pushing to have her back on the road no later than May.

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