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  1. I got a little bit done this past Sunday. I removed the SD engine harness and degreased and pressure washed the engine bay. It was nasty under that hood. It actually doesn't look drastically different. I took pics while we were waiting for the degreaser to do its thing before I pressure-washed. Of course I forgot to take pics after I finished. Anyway it's one step closer to progress. I still have to get under the car to get all that nasty $hit cleaned up....of course not to the extent that @madmike1157 or @RacEoHolic330 would go but clean enough for me to feel comfortable enough to put my brand new, pretty fuel system under there.

    Here are a few pics.



    Sometime this week we're supposed to be pulling my dash out. Then we'll take the black dash out of the 93 to put into mine and get ready to put the 03 dash in the 93. Oh what fun! :nonono: Have I mentioned I HATE fooling with wiring....and dashes fall under that umbrella. But my buddy that I'm doing this with graduated from UTI and is certified in Ford trim electric. So it's not so much the blind leading the blind. :jester:
  2. Trust me. If you're gonna street drive the car, cleaning the underside to the extent that I and Scott have went through is a future waste of time.
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  3. You're right about that Mike. I fear the day I get stuck in a thunderstorm. I'll probably spend the whole next day cleaning the underside of the car.
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  4. ...and THAT, folks, is why I won't do it! :nonono:
  5. More updates guys! not sure how I feel about this one. I'm feeling like I bit off more than I can chew but my buddy keeps telling me to stop worrying. I took my dash out to replace it with the black 93 dash. I don't know if I ever mentioned that I HATE messing with wiring. :nonono:

    Here's right before the dash came out. I remembered to take pics right after we took the steering column out.

    Here is after the dash came out. Here's when I started to worry. I didn't realize that the wires didn't just unplug at the dash. I thought everything stayed in the dash and it just unplugged from the rest of the harness.
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  6. you'll be fine keep on trucking . I did mine in 3.5 hours from start to finish one day
  7. Are all the connectors the same from 88 to 93? I know there will be some extra plugs for things like air bags but are there any plugs that may be pinned different or something. I don't want to fry the computer as soon as I put power to the car.
  8. Are you using a matched dash harness to the engine harness your putting in? You don't have to worry about the air bag stuff as you'll keep your tilt column and not install the module but i don't no if you use an air bag engine harness if you'll need a headlight harness from that 90-93 era as well . Other wise as long as the harness matches engine to dash in there correct years say 93-93 etc it should plug in . but mid 92 don't quote me the info is in the forum the fuel pump relay moves from under the seat to the fender.
  9. Well, that's just great. I'm using the 93 engine/MAF harness, and my 88 fuel injector harness(the 93 fuel injector harness wasn't with the engine harness for some reason) and the 88 dash harness. Can you say MISMATCHED?!?! What have I gotten myself into? :nonono::nonono::nonono::bang:
  10. the actual injector harnesses are the same I believe but it's the ECM harness to dash must match on the driver side fire wall when they plug in is where the differences are
  11. That plug must be under the hood because it looks like all the wires on that side are going through the firewall. That's what disappointed/scared me. This was my first time taking the dash out of a car.
  12. it's on the driver side of the strut tower behind it in between the fire wall there should be a black and brown for 88 harness if I am not mistaken
  13. I'll look for it if I get a chance to work on the car tomorrow. Thanks!
  14. If all this doesn't match up like its supposed to I'll be converting to carb.....I don't want to convert to carb tho.:nonono:
  15. take a deep breath. i had my car torn down far beyond where yours is doing my 4cyl swap, and it all goes back together. you just need to get the right engine harness, that 93 is not going to work. dont go carb, thats a step backwards.

    what exactly are you trying to do with the dash and harnesses here? mass air swap?
  16. Mass air swap and black dash. What exactly do I need to make the 93 harness work? I have access to damn near every wire out of the 93 because my buddy is putting a Terminator motor in it with the matching harness.
  17. ok, if you have the car torn down that far, just yard out the entire body harness from the 93. learn how it comes out. yard out your 88 body harness and replace with the 93 you will have to wire it from where it pops through the dash all the way back to the rear lights and fuel tank. ITS NOT THAT BAD. just set aside 5 hrs and do it.
  18. when you get the 93 harness out, lay it next to the recipient car. get the 88 harness out and immediately go back in with the 93 so you dont have time to forget. i feel you man, at the point in the pics below, i was like, why the hell did i ruin two good running cars? youre in it this far, finish it.


  19. Well, I don't think I can have a whole body harness because my buddy will still need lights and all that stuff. I thought all I would need would be everything under the hood and behind the dash. So, have I reached mission impossible since I can't have the WHOLE body harness?
  20. hmm. i have the 92 4cyl body harness left over. let me research it and see if it will work with your 93 engine harness. if it will work you can have it (you pay shipping from ak, lol.)

    im not up on maf swaps. not sure what engine harness will work with 88 for maf swaps.