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  1. Thanks! Wait....AK is Alaska. Let me know how much the shipping will be. PM me
  2. Sorry diude, I know you're there for me every time I post, but when it comes to swapping out harnesses, I got no experience.
  3. Its ok Mike. I appreciate you checking on me, buddy.:nice: I wish @RacEoHolic330 or @jrichker would chime in with some insight on what my options are.
  4. i have been apart of a few 4cyl conversions and we have never ever did a body harness. just dash, ecm and headlight harness if needed to match the year dash harness.
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  5. harness mismatches have caused a lot of headaches on the internet. to be sure, i swapped everything from stem to stern. the fuel pump relay is the problem, and he will have that problem going between 88 and 93
  6. This is true I did mention that somewhere . It would be easier to keep it all 88 honestly and just run some mass air wires
  7. REALLY!??! I have the conversion kit, I just thought it would be easier to just use the engine harness from a mass air car. Of course you say this after I already pulled the 88 engine harness out. So what you guys are saying is that the 93 engine harness is an absolute NO GO???
  8. Me thinks i need to send you to the doctor for a checkup. yes moving some pins and running 4 wires for mass air is much easier and the car and harness would function like stock!

    its a go if you want to add the dash harness, and body harness because the relay for the fuel pump moves to the fender apron.
  9. Well, my logic behind using the 93 harness was that there would be no possibility of f ucking it up. But now that I see all the s hit involved with using the 93 harness I guess I'll stick the 88 harness back in and just add the wires and pins for the conversion. :bang:
  10. So, what issues/problems should I look forward to when using the 93 dash, HVAC, and HVAC controls, guage cluster, etc? Or do I need to scrap that idea too? I need a 140mph speedometer!
  11. you need an 87-89 cluster , and the hvac controls just plug in no issue there
  12. Soooooo, I'm wasting f*#@ing time trying to use ANYTHING off of the 93?!?! :fuss::nonono::bang:
  13. unless you want to swap all the harnesses yes it would be much easier and you can find 89 140 clusters all day long on eBay or even spend some money and get the motorsport speedo ! there's a few on there right now
  14. Yeah, just clean the gray paint off the dash. Its black underneath.
  15. Thanks guys. You were a big help in saving me some headache and time.
  16. Finally found out how far in the bore my pistons are so I can get an accurate compression number. Let's just say this....I NEED BOOST!!! My compression is 9:1. :nonono:
  17. You need boost huh?

    Turbonetics needs about 1500.00 dollars.

    So you can have boost.
  18. Too bad that $1500 is just for the turbo and nothing else probably. Nitrous it is! 2 stages of 150 or 1 progressive 300. I guess I'd have to get a nitrous specific cam tho. Oh well, we'll see how the car runs with this little 9:1 comp.
  19. BOOOSSST ! the nitrous
    runs out the boost loves you looooong time
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  20. I know, I know!!! I just don't have a boost budget...s hit I don't even have a nitrous budget at the moment. lol If I ever get enough money I would love to put an 88mm turbo in it. :drool::burnout: