My First Pony

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  1. Hey,
    Just brought home my first pony yesterday a 2004 Mach 1, 5spd with 80,000 mi. Got it for a good price, I thought but the more I'm reading about this thoroughbred the more I'm thinking I got the short end of the deal. It was a three hour ride back to the house and I enjoyed driving her every mile, power and comfort, wow.
    The thing's that are wrong, no speedo, cruise control, radio, missing key fob, and there's an aftermarket alarm on it with no way to set it. Got a small blessing though, I was at advanced auto, dude drove up in his "93" 5.0 notch back, all stock, original owner, he suggested that I take the Mach to a Ford dealer.
    Let them run a diagnostic, it might cost a few bucks but it would let me know exactly what's going on with the car and I could make whatever moves from there. That made me feel a little better, hope she don't go into my pocket too bad, I really like this pony.
  2. You may as well go down to your favorite auto parts store and pick up a code reader of your own.

    Start surgically removing all the junk that you find that is not factory (i.e. alarm and whatever else).

    Then you can start forming your plan to get this thing up to snuff.

    Once that's done, the sickness will have you and you'll start modding. :D

    Welcome to the sickness man. :nice:
  3. Thanks', I bought my first piece of equipment for my Mach today, 4 new rims "American Muscle" the 5 stars 18x9 that came on the car were a total turn off not to mention the mis-matched bald tires. I'm going 18x8; 245/40 18 all the way around. Front end feel's really loose, taking her to a frame shop this week and put her up on the rack, I'm hoping just a front end bushing kit, tie rods, alignment, and shocks should do the job. Thanks' for the head's up on the code reader I'll start looking for on this weekend.:burnout:
  4. Welcome aboard