My First Project Nc89 - 89 5.0 Notchback

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  1. Hello All,

    About 2 weeks ago I finally bought a 1989 5.0 Mustang LX Notchback, and this will be my first project car. I still cannot believe that this car is mine and I just wanted to share it with you all. I cant stop thinking about things I want to fix and in what order I should fix them. I finally understand the people who say restoring cars is not a hobby, its an addition. But enough about me here are the details on the car which I have named Project NC89.

    '89 5.0L Mustang LX Coupe
    • Purchached in Tennesse and trailored back to North Carolina
    • Original Motor
    • No major Accidents(says CARFAX)
    • 81k Miles(Original... I hope)
    • Color: Red (A little off original but still red)
    • Interior: Grey (Little rip in the drivers seat but not bad)
    • Frame and Body are straight
    • Very Little Rust
    • No Radio
    • Ash tray is broken (surprise...)
    Modifications (When I bought it)
    • Cold air intake (... or whats left of home made one)
    • Unknown Brand Distributor Cap
    • Spark plug Wires (2 different colors...very patriotic)
    • Hurst Short throw shifter
    • H pipe Exhaust
    • Cobra Wheels
    Known issues
    • 2nd and probably 5th syncro is bad
    • Needs tires, Alignment and Balance
    • New Harmonic Balancer
    • New Thermostat
    • Need Timing
    • New gauges (oil pressure does not work) I will just replace the whole thing the one that in there sucks
    • New Fuel Filter
    • Power steering whines
    • A/C, Might need a new compressor does not even come on
    • Needs Sub Frame Connectors
    • Radiator support was damaged when someone attempted to tow the car(...idiots)
    • Driver side front tire bushings are shot (looks like power steering fluid leaked and they rotted out)
    • Whole suspension system needs some work
    Work done so far
    • Detailed the Engine bay
    • CAI: BBK Black Out with the Fender Elbow
    • Accel Distributor Cap
    • Accel Spark Plug Wires
    • NGK Iridium 9 spark plugs
    • Ford Racing Harmonic Balancer
    I will be getting the car insured and registered this week and getting the other small things like the thermostat fixed this weekend before I take it in for tires, alignment, balancing, timing and getting the transmission worked on. I want to do so much with the car, I will eventually redo the entire car, paint and all. But for now I just want it to be reliable and road worthy, I hope you all enjoy my post as I update you along the way. I have included some pictures, three of them are the 3 stages of my motor.
    Thanks for reading, 20131002_165730.jpg 20131002_165748.jpg 20131002_165931.jpg 20131002_165951.jpg 20131002_170044.jpg 20131006_143346.jpg 20131012_195542.jpg
  2. Looks very nice. Welcome!
  3. Thank you, I'm glad to be here!
  4. :welcome: To stangnet! And congrats on the purchase. Looks like a nice project.
  5. Thank you. I look forward to working on the ole 89 and sharing plenty of pictures with you guys along the way.
  6. Nice to see that BBK inlet pipe in there. The older setup was a bit of a mess. :)

    Nice score with the relatively un-touched notch! :nice:

    By-pass the A/C circuit with a jumper wire to see if that compressor kicks on. If it does, only run it long enough to see that it turns. Don't allow the thing to run for any length of time until you've had a chance to check it all out.
  7. I appreciate it Noobz, it took me a while to find what I was looking for but I stuck with it. It actually took me about a year to find something that was in decent condition, was pretty close to original and was reasonably priced. But as soon as I saw the Cold air set up on that car I knew it would be the first to go. :rlaugh:

    and Thanks for the tip, Ill give it a try while I'm replacing the thermostat this weekend.
  8. Hey one other thing that just occurred to me... That interior color is by far, the EASIEST to dye. Just and FYI if you ever think of going that way.

    When I go scavenging for interior parts in the salvage yards, that is the color that I prefer for that specific reason.
  9. Hey Noobz, Thanks for the heads up but I don't really know what you mean by dying? You mean the seats, dash and door panels?

    I do plan on re-doing the interior in black and grey leather(specifically the seats), somewhat similar to my '09 GT/CS. Re-use the seats themselves but not the cloth. The Carpet is not in bad shape but it does not look good so I though a nice clean black carpet and black headliner would help it out(I can get a good look at the floor board too). Most of the dash and console pieces will be re-used to because they are in pretty decent shape too (Minus the left buttons on the dash they are broken). As far a door panels go, The arm rests are beat up but the panel itself looks alright cleaned up.

  10. You can dye the dash and door panels maybe even the carpet. Late model restoration has the dye. used it on speaker covers and some other trim and it works well.
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  11. Yep... You can dye pretty much any interior pert in that car to include the plastics. I've done it several times and have a couple how-to threads about it in this forum. I think there's a few others that have similar threads.
  12. Good looking car! I like your approach of getting the bugs worked out before you go modding it heavily. Sounds like you have some good mechanical knowledge as well, so I hope you enjoy working on it and achieving your goals with it.
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  13. Thanks for the heads up guys, this will save me some serious $$ when it come time to revamp that old interior.

    But I do want you opinion on something I will be taking care of a bit sooner then the interior.

    1) When I get my transmission worked on (Family friend doing the work) I will have them put in a new clutch, metal connector and an adjustable cable. Any experience in this department? I have looked at clutches from Exedy and Ford Racing (Our friend will also be giving his opinion when I bring it in). I want something strong, reliable and can take a bit of punishment, but I know with to much I will end up destroying the T5 to early(It will get replaced in the far future).
    2) Sub frame connectors go on the car soon.. So I hear Steeda puts out a nice product, Bolt on or weld ins? opinions please
    3) Not long after I get her on the road she will need some work done to the shocks, struts and springs. I'm thinking Eibach, correct me if I'm wrong.

    Thanks in advance,
  14. Thanks Blue, like I said this is my first project but when it comes to things I invest time and money in I am a firm believer in looking before I leap. I had a year to research builds, common mods, common issues, reviews and forums like this one. (which by the way I came here a lot for research before I ever signed up). I have loved that car since... I can remember I saw them when I was a kid and always wondered what it was like to move that fast. :) Fell in love with the Fox Body Notchback when I saw it own everyone and win 4 wide Pinks All Out Live at ZMAX drag way in Charlotte (really concord) So once I got out of college and got a good job I wanted this to be my first project. But as far as the mechanical knowledge goes, I am learning every day with the help of people just like you guys. The bugs will be worked out soon and we will get back to running better then the day she rolled out of the factory.

    Thanks again,
  15. I liked the Ford Racing King Cobra clutch for the money, put one in my '95. It will hold fine all the way through an H/C/I set up on your 302, so you shouldnt outgrow it too quickly. I recommend a factory replacement clutch cable, as my adjustable cable snapped within two months of installing it and I have heard dozens of other say the same. Get some maximum motorsports weld on subframe connectors. They are thicker steel than many and great fitment quality. When it comes to a permanent upgrade like that, I dont think the extra $50 they cost versus other brands is a bad investment. As far as suspension, many companies make great kits and I am sure you will get as many suggestions there as you would muffler choices. I had BBK springs with Tokico dampers on my '95, and then a full Eibach kit on my '86 and the '86 seemed like a better matched package when it came to ride quality. Their pro kit is a pretty common street car kit, and the sportline kit will drop you low so be careful with that if your streets suck. You could always go with a coilover kit if you want to spend the $$$ and always be able to adjust your height for the rest of the car's life.
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  16. thanks for the quick response Blue I'll look into that Ford racing clutch a little bit more and I have heard of others using that maximum motorsports subframe connectors were very pleased I didn't think about the adjustable clutch snapping that's a good point though again I appreciate your feedback
  17. hey guys started my car today let it idle and it seems like its misfiring/running rough a little bit could just be that the timing is off.. the car will be idling fine then drop off for a quick second.. pick back up and shake a little bit. it did not do that before I made modifications above.. or I'm thinking with the addition of the BBK my air to fuel may be off by little bit what do you guys think?
  18. I have a nice set of grey halo seats with red piping that would look good in there. lol

    nice score on the car!
  19. Thanks fistang,
    Im actually thinking about going with a dark grey color scheme when its all said and done, but grey and red would like real nice in there now. :nice:
  20. Very nice car enjoy your new found money pit ! Cabernet Red is the color . Congrats !