My First Project Nc89 - 89 5.0 Notchback

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  1. Thanks TOOLOW,
    I do enjoy working all week then taking my check right to the auto parts store:D
    Thanks again
  2. @89DrivingAn09

    One other tip that will make your life easier:

    In the upper right hand corner of your screen, you will see your screen name just to the left of your INBOX. When you hover over your name, a drop-down menu appears. Click on SIGNATURE. In there, list all relevant information for your car. Year, mods, and whatever else you can thing of. This makes it easier for folks to know what you have when you ask for help and keeps you from having to type all of that, each time you create a thread.
  3. Awesome thanks!
  4. In regard to your rough idle situation, definitely check your timing if you know how. Also, have you cleaned the MAF sensor? Do NOT use carb cleaner, there is a specific can for cleaning a MAF sensor, and I always gently rub the wires with q tips to get the dirt off. Be very careful with this so you dont break a wire, or leave q tip cotton behind on the edges. Otherwise check to be sure all your rubber connectors are on straight and tight on the new CAI you installed. If that doesnt work, you may need to check your idle air controller (IAC) to make sure it is functioning correctly. There is a thread you can search for where a guy spells out how to check its voltage and reset it if need be. I think his username is @jrichker. Maybe he will drop in and help you out if you still need it.
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  5. As suggested...

    You guys with idle/stall problems could save a lot of time chasing your tails if you would go through the Surging Idle Checklist. Over 50 different people contributed information to it. The first two posts have all the fixes, and steps through the how to find and fix your idle problems without spending a lot of time and money. I continue to update it as more people post fixes or ask questions. You can post questions to that sticky and have your name and idle problem recognized. The guys with original problems and fixes get their posts added to the main fix. :D

    It's free, I don't get anything for the use of it except knowing I helped a fellow Mustang enthusiast with his car. At last check, it had more than 134,000 hits, which indicates it does help fix idle problems quickly and inexpensively.
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  6. I for one used it a while back on my '95, just didnt post about it. Im diggin the tagging users' names feature, that was a quick hook up and saved digging through threads. Thanks for coming to aid.
  7. Hey Blue and jrichker, I appreciate you guys taking the time to help me with my idle issue. Blue I will definitely get the car timed as soon as I can but as for the MAF sensor I did take it out and clean it before installing a cold air intake but did not rub the wires with a q-tip(rest of it yes but the wires no) because I was absolutely terrified that I was going to mess something up I did use MAF cleaner as you suggested but don't know how much good it did seeing as how I didn't really touch the wires. I will remove the sensor again tomorrow and gently clean the wires. Thanks again you guys we will get this straightened out.
  8. (Fixed idle issue)
    Hey Guys wanted to give an update. Everything is back to normal I did some double checking and cleaning yesterday and here is what I found out:
    • NGKs where not spaced properly, swapped them out for my Motocrafts I spaced (and re spaced) The tips on those NGKs all had a white film on them (not sure if that's significant)
    • Checked my MAF, Cleaned it with a Q-Tip and some MAF cleaner (rubbed the wires, didn't break one thankfully :nice:)
    • Check my connections on my CIA (all fine)
    • Changed my fuel filter, pretty sure this helped a lot because this thing looked like it had not been moved since 1989 (Pictures attached)
    Once I got all that done I started back up and it ran much better. Still has a bit of a timing issue but its nothing like before. It is smooth and I think everything will time up perfectly now.
    I will get the car timed and check the codes ASAP.

    Thanks for the help guys!

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  9. Hey Guys,

    Its been a while so I wanted to give an update on my project.
    • Got all the simple stuff cleaned up on the car - Fuel Filters, Timing, Changed out all the fluids, Etc....
    • Got some New OEM Headlights
    • New front seat belts for safety
    • Set of New Nitto Motivo Tires
    • Took my new battery (that was not secure in the engine bay) and put it in the trunk thanks to a Taylor Box
    I have been driving the car around and even took it to work a few times. It drives pretty nice on a smooth road, but a suspension overhaul is in this cars near future. The Fox Body does not have any major issues and the 5.0 only leaks oil in the usual spots. It will all get handled in good time but for now I'm just enjoying driving my project around and showing it off :nice:

    ~Take it easy

    20140520_183503.jpg 20140520_183132.jpg 20131019_163700.jpg 20140225_180259.jpg 20140503_173006.jpg
  10. where you at in NC? I got a set of front gt seats and rear fabric that I need to get rid of @89DrivingAn09
  11. I'm in the Charlotte Area @elarm1 What color are the seats and fabric. I'm going to rodo mine in all black, which late model has a pretty sweet front/rear seat set up with carpet. On the other hand I don't see how I could deny a good GT seat. What kinda shape are they in?