My First Round of Parts!!!

Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by buzntxn, Jan 4, 2004.

  1. okay well i did a post a while ago to introduce my car...

    and here is the first set of parts i got for it.


    FR Aluminum Driveshaft
    Mac Caster/Camber Plates
    BX X-pipe w/ cats
    rear end rebuild kit

    this is what it had...

    3.73 gears
    Steeda short shift kit
    98' 17" gt wheels
    K&N Air Intake/Filter kit
    BBK lowering springs

    in a couple weeks im gonna get...

    set of tires (please if anybody knows where the good deals are let me know! i'd take used tires too)
    ultra-lite flywheel
    good clutch
    factory set of gt fog lights (somehow)

    and some other stuff but thats it for round 2 i think so far

    so what ya think?

    how much hp and how fast you think its at? im afraid to guess.

    im still a believer of the stroker kit. as a nice starting point, so ya never know i might come home with one...
  2. The only horsepower mods are the X-pipe and the K&N. I would say that you have around 190-195 to the wheels which is capable of running a mid-high 14 with a decent driver. Don't waste your money on a stroker kit at this point in the game, you don't have the right stuff to put on the top end. Your doing all the right stuff so far, it sounds like your just getting the car in good shape with the tires and clutch. I would get a new fuel pressure regulator, plugs, wires, cap and rotor while your doing the basic stuff, then throw a nice catback exhaust setup on and then rip into the top end of the motor.

  3. doesnt a stock 94 gt 5.0 run high 14's anyway? not even 200 hp ? damn that sucks, is that right????
  4. Stock mustang gt-215 hp @ 4200 rpm, 285 ft./lb. torque
    [email protected] mph 1/4
    0-60-6.1 sec.
    I wouldnt expect much better than those numbers w/ your mods, but headers/exhaust will help, go with some underdrive pulleys too. Those things are not too expensive and help a lot. Gears are always a big help.
    BTW-buzntxn, check your pm box.

  5. Look at my sig, I pulled 210 RWHP w/ those mods w/ out the Cobra Upper and Lower intake and C&L 76 MM Mass air, I pulled 21 more RWHP w/ them on.

    I have a set of Rear Kumo Tires that Im going to be selling but not until this spring when I get some nittos, there 275/40/17 and have ALOT of tread left on them, there almost brand new but w/ my mods that Im doing I wont have enough traction to keep the back end down so I need some Nittos.