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  1. I have just picked up a steal. A 64 year old man just wanted to get rid of his car because he bought a new Lotus due to him retiring. This car is a 2001 S281,Black on Dark Chocolate Leather. I called Saleen and had them run the vin to make sure it was true. Seeing as I am from detroit and know there are alot of fakes out there. Took the car to a ford racing shop and has them do a two hour over haul on the car. There inspection found no major descrepancys, and the mechanices were blown away by the condition of the car for the age and the amount of miles on the frame. And so was I. The car has 160,000 on the frame and at 139,000 the Engine and Transmission was redone. I also have ALL the recipt's for every bit of maintence this car has had done on it since he bought it in 2003. The Mechanics reviewed the paperwork and verified the work. They said that if I did not buy this car that they were going to go pick it up tomorrow and sell it for 7,000 more than I got it for. The engine dynoed at 435 HP at the rear wheels. Here is what has been done to her. The interior is in remarkable condition considering the mileage.

    Engine (built by VanGordon Racing Engines):139,000
    Eagle H-Beam Rods
    J&E Pistons
    SVT Heads
    SVT Cams
    Rebuilt Supercharger Blower by Magnason
    Custom Intake Manifold
    65lb Injectors
    Doug Thorley Headers
    Custom 3” Exhaust
    New Catalytic Converters (6 weeks ago)
    New Flywheel, Clutch (SVT 11.5”), Pressure Plate (6 weeks ago)
    New OEM Saleen (Race Craft) suspension (shocks and struts)
    Hawk Brake pads
    Welded Chassis stiffeners
    Rebuilt Transmission 139,000

    I bought her for 9500!

    Now, here is where you guys come in. I need to do right by this car. She has been babied to the point of more money has been put into her in the last 6 months in regular maintence then Im getting the car for. I and a Marine of the NCO level, so by no means am I rich. I need tips, and things that I can do to make sure she stays in the condition she is in. Also how many miles can I expect to see her to if I maintain her correctly? How much would you say she's worth? Thank you.

  2. Congratulations on your "new" Saleen!

    Certainly do the basic maintenance... keep up on fluids, wash and wax her, and treat her with respect she deserves -- and enjoy!