My first "Slow5.0 Compilation" video

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  1. Here you go

    Slow5.0 Compilation video

    BTW this is my 1st video that i make on comp so chill out with comments
    AND song in video is Sting - Desert Rose so thats not arabi song
  3. The link is fixed
  4. The links is fine now. Cool. I like how you showed your track experience after each mod. I never saw a video like that before.
  5. Cool vid... a little long though, especially with nothing but drag runs in there. No flame intended, just my observation. The vs runs were cool.

    16 megs? Man I feel sorry for the guys on dial up.
  6. This video is about drag runs on track ,next one will be from streets
    16 megs :nonono: , this video was 72 megs ,i had to use a few programs to make it smaller
  7. I look forward to seeing it :nice:.

    Ehh. It took me 30 seconds to download this one so I really don't care. I was just saying that the guys who have dialup may not be patient enough to download the whole thing.

    72 megs? Man, that's crazy...
  8. What's up with that downhill track with 20 gallons of VHT on the ground? I need to race there.

    Also you have proof that you win 98% of the time. Good Job!
  9. I like the video... he put music in it, but left the car sounds. :nice:

    Your driving got better and better, and it looks like you are pretty good on the tree too. ;)
  10. Thank you guys

    Paul last year I win some money on Thompson Drah Raceway for the best reaction time .050 :D
  11. Nice vid. Is it just me or does that track drift downhill at the end?
  12. nive lil video, i cant wait untill i get some alum heads for my car :banana:
  13. great driving, and good job on the vid man..........

    you treed the crap out of a lot of people....... :nice:


  14. Actually car sounds and song sound is not at 50%, its like 85% toward to song sound, if you know what I mean
  15. good video ernie. keep up the good work. I like the one with "Me vs. Shi* talker with 500hp." I was laughing on that one
  16. Nice job Ernan!!! What track is the one that goes down hill??? I got a new toy for Christmas... a DVD Xpress video converter so I can now make movies with car sounds AND music. I'm working on one right now... this just makes me want to finish it even more!!! Again, nice vid, I really liked the end part of it when you listed what you were racing against.
  17. Great video man!! I enjoyed watching it. Looks like you kicked everyone's butt except that darn ole' blown 347 ;)
  18. That track is f*** up, i hate that track ,its local POS track name is Lowville or how we call "Slowville" because everybody runs slower on that track than any other

    First 1/8 is up hill, then 2nd part 1/8 is kinda downhill, my car have no traction on that track 2.1 the best 60ft so i have easy on launches and bogged down little bit

    Hehe, well i have some loses but i try to race **** talkers with "500HP" cars

    Guy with blown 347 is my good friend and he helping me with fixing my Stang and BTW he works on Stangs since 1983' ,he know all about Stangs