My first "Slow5.0 Compilation" video

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  1. This guy maybe on Stangnet or on Corral , he have blue or purple 95 Stang GT and he is from Ohio , he have Ford racing crate 302 with GT-40 ,tons other mods, moded stock auto with bigger stall ,tons stuff and he runs 13.8 :rlaugh:
  2. nice video ernie!
  3. I just listed those few, i had raced tons tars and beat meany "fast factory cars" , like two runs against 01 Firehawk SLP Trans Am , i beat him really bad and in that time i didn't have TFS TW heads and cam, i was runing low 14s :rlaugh:
  4. Ernie.....Dude you are the "Master at the tree" spanked damn everyone... :nice: Beat that snot outta that thing.... :D

    epracmetcon..Thanks...VId loaded in 20 sec's.....
  5. Dang that was an awesome vid!! It was long but it was definitely worth it. That thing is a beast and you're driving is insane as well!! Maybe someday soon we can line up together..
  6. Nice man. I can't wait to see what you do next!!!
  7. Pretty tight man, the street one will be cool, and at 265, the 16mb wasn't all that big :nice:
  8. You progressed very well from the beggining. Congrats. That HCI did wonders for you! :nice:
  9. Thanks bro

    It will be 11s I think :rolleyes:
  10. Should i say Twisted Wedge with big a$$ blower cam :)
  11. nice vid. did not take too long to DL, but with cable nothing realy is a long wait.

    are you friends with the guy in the t-bird thing, you seemed to line up with him on more than one time with diff. mod setups, good for comparo's.

    Some good lights, thats one thing I need to work on bad.
  12. Guy with red 96 T-Bird 4.6 V8 with PI heads swap is my good friend
    But i always make fun of him , "Dude next time bring chain with you so I can tow you to the finish line" :D
  13. exzcellent video man...i dont care how long it is...ill sit there for like an hour if theres enough video for insane work on the tree man....i was so mad after seeing u cut great lites on almost every one that there was one where u lit the bottom bulb and i was driving :nice:
  14. Very nice! Looks like you are very consistent with your times and smooth shifting. As mentioned before, the video was nice with the music AND car sounds.

    What was the time for the "500hp" guy in the 1/4? Too funny. :)

    Just goes to show that driving skill is most of the battle. Nice to see how bad you beat most of those guys. Must be fun. :)
  15. Vid Codec Types

    Very nice video...makes me wish it wasnt snowing out here so the track was open :nice: Damn nice driving too
  16. Well that red light was Me vs Procherged 9psi red 01 Mustang GT, i was tryin cut nice light ,but still he got OWNED anyway :D
  17. Wow... I've been thinking about getting that motor.... I sure hope I can run better than a 13.8 I'm hoping to get closer to that 13.99 mark off the bottle by finally putting some headers, ignition, and suspension on the car.
  18. Nice video! Cant wait for the street one though... :nice:
  19. :rlaugh:

    So what are the plans? I saw your thread about n2o; If you are going with n2o, which kit?
  20. Zex "wet" kit, I'm tired of playing with N/A

    I just wanna crack my block ,thats all :rolleyes: