My First Time Down A Track

Discussion in 'Video and Media' started by Detroiit, Jul 13, 2014.

  1. My 90 mustang with some go pro footage of me going down the track for the first time.. Man I was nervous and about mid track it felt like I was in a movie or something.. So weird to be allowed to do this! lol but seriously it was great and now i'm addicted. Wasnt as fast as I hoped but still great run non the less.. Maybe with some drag radials I get get my high 12's goal.. My last pass was feeling like the best but lost traction in second so we shall see next time.. Best was 2.1 60 ft ( almost 2.2 really ) 13.703 at 106 mph. Had 245 45 17 street tires on and are dry rotted in some places.. lol.. I think on a couple I let off to soon thinking it was the end of the track but still had 30 feet to go or so..

  2. Nice Launch! Ride sounds amazing man!
  3. That was cool!

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