1. Interestingly, I'm all Ford now.

    '92 Mustang
    '03 Escape
    '12 Transit Wagon
    '13 Escape SEL

    Prior to all this I was a big GM man. First, Olds 442 then anything Chevy. Then, that whole gov bail out really rubbed me the wrong way.

    I'm happy to have my new found respect for the blue oval.

    Who's with me?
  2. I'm partial to anything with a sweet body and a big engine. I've had camaros, t/a's, and mustangs. I love them all. settled on the mustang because it was the only toy I could think of with a back seat large enough for a kiddie seat.
  3. Picks or I call you a fibber!
  4. I don't know about a fleet.....does 4 vehicle constitute a fleet? I have 9 FoMoCo vehicles:
    1966 T-bird
    1981 Fairmont
    1988 Grand Marquis
    1989 Saleen
    1994 Topaz
    1998 Escort ZX2
    2001 Mustang
    2001 F-250 Superduty 4x4
    2008 Bullitt

  5. P1380203.jpg
  6. How do you like the '13 ecoboost Escape? My wife and I are thinking of getting one in the very near future.
  7. Very nice! I'd love to have that new Escape, Do tell about the Ecoboost
  8. We like it. If we had a second chance we would not choose Mytouch. It's kind of quirky sometimes. Built in nav is quirky sometimes too. I love TomTom.

    Maybe they fixed the bugs, I dont know. Do some research.

    The standard sync system I have in my Transit has been flawless.
  9. The 2013 Escape is 2.0 EcoBoost and FWD only. TQ steer galore when you nail it. 6 speed auto. We got 32mpg on a trip to Ocean city. Wife gets 24 around town.
  10. Here's my fleet...
    Fun things first 09 ZX6R track day unit
    09 ZX10R Commuter
    11 Jeep Grand Cherokee Hemi w/chrome SRT8's
    07 Toyota Camry SEV6
    And the Stang of course!
  11. Update. I retract my earlier criticism of Ford My Touch. We just installed an update to the software and its been flawless so far.
  12. Your insurance is a house payment :p
  13. We ended up saving quite a few bucks and buying an 2013 Escape SE over the Titanium that we had earlier looked at. Alot less bells and whistles but a very nice ride for sure. It has the 1.6 Ecoboost instead of the 2.0. I thought I would be disappointed but I'm pleasantly surprised at the power it has. I agree that torque steer could be a real mess without the traction control when you nail it off the line. That little SUV will fly for such a small displacement engine and the 6 speed tranny is almost seamless. I enjoy playing with the manual shift "sport" mode.
    But the most important thing is the wife is happy with her new DD.
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  14. Im sorry you bought a transit lol... i used to work at ford and i drove them all the time and it was the biggest pile of crap ive ever driven..
  15. Here's mine
    84 F150 2wd. Mild 351/C6 combo

    92 Bronco GT40P 5.0/E4OD combo

    And my proudest purchase. Picked up this 92 460 2wd F250 for $800 with only 101,000 miles. I put the bull bar and wheels on it of course. All it needed was a computer :p

    Oh and the Mustang but I have enough pics of it floating around here that I don't think I need to upload a pic of it lol. But I'm definitely proud to have only Fords in my "fleet"
  16. To each's own. I have no complaints about my Transit. It serves the purposes I bought it for very well. I would by it again. I hear they had made improvements to them over time. Maybe you were dealing with the earlier ones?

    BTW, there's no need for you to be sorry on my behalf.