My Fox Is 25yo. Historical Plates?

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  1. Hi all...

    First off, hi. I joined SN a looooong time ago, and it's been a while since I posted. Ever since I had kids 9 years ago the 'stang took a back seat. I still have it, and it's now 25 yo. I'm debating putting historical plates on it. I only put about 300 miles a year on it (my commute sucks enough w/o adding a racing clutch to the drive), so mileage isn't a concern, but the bit about "general transportation" is.

    Any here with historical plates that got stopped by a cop? I drive it so infrequently that I doubt it's an issue, but if I do drive to work, I'd rather not have the hassle to save $40 a year on license fees.

  2. In Maryland it's fine... Just can't be your only means of transportation
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  3. Mine will be 25yrs old next year, I will be getting them not only because it's not my primary car but I can also avoid motor vehicle inspection. If I decide to pull the cats off or whatever I wanna do it's one less thing for me to worry about.
  4. Yeah, I've got a G35x as my other vehicle, so I'm good to go. It's really sad when my daily driver has 50 more HP than my mustang. Someday I'll finish my engine upgrade. Now to just go wait in BMV lines...
  5. I'll be putting historic plates on my when it gets registered again. Seems like a no brainer if it's just a weekend toy.

  6. I know how ya feel, my wife's 2008 v8 Explorer has almost 75 more. But just like you said...I'll get it where it needs to be with some time and money.:cool:
  7. I've had "classic rod" plates for a while. sweet deal, $40 per year, no smog required....
  8. I've got a G35x i know what you mean.

    For me it's not worth putting historical plates on. I have a Vanity plate that I prefer anyway.

    I see people drive all the time with antique plates (as they are in MA) when they are not supposed to. Never seen anyone stopped for it
  9. I have the classic car plate. It's not my daily driver so the classic registration saves me a lot on insurance and I don't have to pass emissions. In order to get the classic insurance, you have to send a picture showing the car stored in a garage.
  10. I live in Va with Md historic plates on mine. Va Leo's can be pricks
  11. my car is 25 next year cant wait no more paying $$$$ for stickers
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  12. Oh, you are one of THOSE people with the vanity plates, eh? :p Do tell what it says.
  13. In Maryland its only 20 years

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  14. i have historic plates on my 87.

    in nj its fine. i believe you are allowed to exercise the vehicle from time to time. i have driven it to work many times without issue. the only time i ever hear of issues is when the same cop sees ya go by everyday for a whats the chances of that though.

    the bigger issue is the insurance co. what do they allow. i'm with american collectors and they give me 7000 miles a year and flat out told me that i can take it to work from time to time to show it off. i know conden and skelly along with jc taylor would not allow that at all. car had to be going to a show,parade or repairs... even then though.. every day during the summer months theres a cruise or show somewhere and you can just say you are taking the car to be fixed.

  15. use to be 20 years in nj also but not anymore
  16. I'm in MD with historic plates on mine. I drive it to work every once in a while, but mostly on weekends. If I were to be questioned, seems like I could just say I was test driving, which would be true since I'm constantly messing with it, haha. Historic plates are great. Inexpensive, no inspection, no emissions testing. Free do do whatever I want to it!
  17. i plan to push the limits a bit... im going to be street driving open header tomorrow

  18. Haha, thats awesome, good luck! I love seeing all the pure drag/open header cars running around OCMD during cruise weekend.
  19. got classic plates on mine in PA.
  20. OK, mind is made up. I'm going to apply for classic plates. Once I found out I no longer have to renew them, and just pay a one time $10 fee and not $50 every year into perpetuity, it seals the deal. Thanks everyone!

    Here's the form BTW: