My Friend Cant Get The Top Down On His 66 Convert

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  1. so a buddy of mine came by a few minuets ago. he said he cant get the top down on his convert:dammit:. he said him and his wife have been trying for a couple of hours and the top just wont go down. i asked him did you unlatch it? he said yes but it will not budge. he said he got inside of the car and pushed up as hard as he can and that didnt do it so he had his wife pull on the top as he pushed up and it still woudnt budge. i said well what is wrong with the pump,he got real quiet and turned red and said SOB i forgot it was hydraulic :rlaugh:
    cant wait to see the look on his wife's face when he tells her.:shutup:
  2. Heh. Halfway through I was trying to figure out what off-the-wall thing might be causing the problem, but of course.
  3. yep ,if you do it the way you are supposed to it works:nonono:
  4. He have the car shut off?
  5. no ,he just didn't remember how to put the top down. i tried to keep from laughing but couldn't . i built the car for him about 4 years ago and the top hasn't been down since . it was just so funny the way he explained how that damn top will not go down and how he tried every thing he could think of, except flipping the top switch:rlaugh:
  6. He didn't remember that there was a pump at all? :shrug:

    Taking odds on his survival rate. PM your bets.
  7. I didn't know there was a pump, but then again, I don't own a convertable and never have
  8. he is an ex chief of CHP . i told him he can have his service gun but keep away from the screw drivers he will hurt him self. funny thing is ,he is the one that told me to make sure it was a power top.