My friend from school keeps downin the stang?!

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  1. My friend from school who keeps telling me that mustangs are no good is really ticking me off. He drives a 97 Z28 Camaro which he just sold. He keeps tellin me why they are so much better. Since I am new to the "hobby of cars" I really can't dispute his claims. This is where you guys come in. One of his claims which I don't know how true it is, " for ex. my stang has 190 hp, he says that it only has say 150 hp to the wheels".! Like I said I know nothing about cars and can't dispute this with anything other than, i know you always lose some hp when you go from the dyno to the wheels (at least I think so) but can it really be that much? If it is that much don't all cars suffer the same thing? If not why would ford make their cars like that?
    Your help to why mustangs are superior is appreciated
  2. All cars loose about 15% of thier horsepower by the time it gets to the wheels. Including the Camaro.

    But the only thing you need to say to him is this. "Who's car is still in production?"
  3. 15% that helps... but, the civic is still in production too and by any means I would never buy that car. Does anyone know if the mustang does lose an abnormal amount of power to the wheels?
  4. But the Camaro isnt made. And Civics are NOT competition to Mustangs. Period.

    No the Mustang does not loose more power to the wheels than everyone else. Unless you're in an auto, which then you do cause the auto tranny Ford puts in the Mustang blows.
  5. :( Man, did u have to say it like that? Some of us have that auto you know... :D Honestly, it does suck, but slap you on a shift kit and boom, problem solved. :nice:
  6. I've got an auto thats why I know it sucks.
  7. so what's your friend driving now, mom's volvo?
  8. there is no comparison between an LT1 camaro and a v6 mustang.
    the guys car is way faster.
    but still, hes being a prick for picking on you like that. just tell him to leave you alone. some people have such a large ego just because they have a big motor. its not like you're trying to compete with him or anything.

    I can understand him tlaking smack if you're talking smack, but if you aren't, then I do not understand why he is even talking to you about your car.

    and i think its more like 10% drivetrain loss thru a 5spd RWD solid rear axle setup. more like 170RWHP.
  9. My car is an auto, and how much is the shift kit and how hard is it to put in? I am not talking smack, heres the situation. I bought this car for 7K, and it is KBB at 8600. He thinks I should sell it right away and get more money for it and buy a GT or a camaro. I am getting killed in car insurance as it is and GT would cost me about 25 more a month, not to mention worse gas mileage. On the other hand I did get a really good deal and I want to take advantage of that and put the extra money in to making the car faster and prettier, lol I want it to look bad a$$. He keeps nocking the car and saying how much smarter I would be to sell it and buy a faster car. I am happy with it, right now...I am in college and have a full time job making about 11 an hour. If in a few years I am doing a little better(money wise) I will buy a GT or cobra untill then I need ot do what is financially sound for me. soooo, am I being an idiot trying to tune out my 6 cylinder mustang? I don't need a ten sec car, but I sure would like to be able to smoke his camaro, which I am well aware won't be possible in a stock V6 stang. Would I have to sink a humongus (<can't spell) amount of money in to my car to get it able ot serve up a z28?
    Now you guys know the situation
    Here is all my questions organized for you?
    My car is an auto, and how much is the shift kit and how hard is it to put in?
    am I being an idiot trying to tune out my 6 cylinder mustang?
    Would I have to sink a humongus (<can't spell) amount of money in to my car to get it able ot serve up a z28?

  10. He's right, if you want a fast car without spending a TON of money, ditch the V6 platform. You can make your car look decent and run decent, but it'll never be FAST unless you dump a ton of money in it. Best thing to get him to shut up.....tell him he's right.

  11. Coming from a man that drives a 4 cylinder Honduh.

  12. I don't know 11.9 is pretty fast in my book. Lets not forget about justin and his custom TT set-up people. Oh and it all cost him what $5,000?
  13. Nah, most people will see ~155whp from a stock 5-speed. Of course some will put down more, but that's about average.
  14. Just ignore him and move on out of the high school BS. I get people flame me all the time for buying a V6. Just tell him he can buy your next car for you with his own money.
  15. Tell him to stop flaming,he's being a total asshat.

    Also,make a joke that Camaros suck so much,theys topped maiing them.Can't argue that,you'll never see a brand new Camaro again.

    Also,see about swapping in a V8 engine if u have the cash.
  16. Not the tranny they gonna stick in the new mustangs. 5 speed tranny. Less parasitic loss also.
  17. Lets hear more about this twin-turbo setup for under 5000. It sounds like it is all customized too. Keep in mind like I said earlier in this post, I am new to the hobby of cars and proably wont be able to do much customization. Although I am trying real damn hard to learn as much as I can.
  18. I'm not the one complaining that people are making fun of my car. I could care less. The guy is talking about wanting to go a lot faster and get a Z28 guy off his back. If he wants to beat Z28's, he's going to spend more money on the V6 making it faster than he will paying for insurance on say a Mach 1 or GT.
  19. his total mod amount was 4600, with new rear end and gears and such
    the turbo he did himeself. go down to florida and talk to him lol
  20. Who actually knows this guy with a tt car thats runnin 11s? I wouldnt mind talking to him so let me know.