My friend from school keeps downin the stang?!

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  1. I'm confuessed, I thought you said friends :scratch: If he really is a friend he wouldn't be doging you about your ride. I'm really sick and tired of seeing Z28s ever where I look, its like a "Blue Light" specail at K-Mart. Anyone can buy a fast car and not just anyone can make a car fast :nice: Also have you ever seen someone put a cam etc on a Z? Screw that I would rather work on a mustang and that is comming from a Chevy man ;)
  2. Just haul off and kick his man marbles into his stomach. That'll shut him up. :nice:
  3. I've taken crap for years from guys tellin me to sell my stangs and buy a "real" car. I usually just laugh at them, and ask why I'd want to be like everybody else driving whatever is popular at the time. Personally I enjoy my Stangs, even though all of my stangs have V8's little bro (98CobraClone) is pushing nearly 300hp at the wheels can spank my GT and gets better gas mileage than my Ranger, and it's a V6.
    This guy that's giving you crap obviously has problems with acceptance from other people. Just laugh him off and go on. Save your money, since your in college, price of gas is always going, I havent' seen it below a dollar in a long time. You'll need money for housing and groceries and chasing womens, blow this guy off, he probably talks a lot of smack anyway, he'd probably blow 2nd and 3rd in a street race anyway.
  4. dump a super charger In that thing and shut him up. or tell him to grow up and get over his small dick.
  5. Wow talk about an evil convo..... nas, if it makes you feel any better my boyfriend of almost a year drives a 01 Camaro and he thinks there is no such thing as a better car (more or less a ford equivalent :bs: )... now he has a few mods and I know there is no way in hell I could beat him but I still love my stang.. :hail2: .. he has 28k on his and as many problems as my 97 with 102k on it... I have to laugh at how cocky he is with his car.. :rlaugh: . I know I wouldn't trade for his, I love my fords and always have.... (I'm 16 and I already had 2) so tell your friend his car may be a little better but it makes up for his lack of something else.... :rlaugh:.... and as far as the question about upgrading... be happy you got something that looks twenty times nicer than his car (even if it doesn't run as fast).... save your money and buy a GT later... I work insurance and after about 24 it won't make a huge dif if you drive a cobra or a 6.... that's when you have fun......
  6. After awhile those 93-04' Camaros get WAY to old and guys like him who think these cars could beat a top fuel car :rolleyes: A Mustang to me is a breath of freash air and that is comming from a Chevy man :nice: Just tell him to watch out for those ole 2.3T four bangers ;) As for the insurance its been some time since I've had to worry about it but I believe you get a break at the ages of 18, 20 and 25. (from where I'm at 10 years ago) This is why I choose to HotRod a truck out, they wouldn't charge me extra for a V8 and never looked at it also. Once I got to the age of 20 I could see the breaks helping and was able to get a car without having to give up my first born :D Stick with the V6 its probly payed for and you can HotRod it out also.
  7. Negative. Rumor has it that the next version is slated for release towards the end of the decade. The concept drawing I saw was very nice.
  8. If you're talkinga bout the orange one that looks old school..sorry its a hoax. It was drawn by a college kid.

    GM CEO has said time and time again they wont bring back the car. And until he says other wise..I'll believe it.
  9. It was black and white. I would love for them to bring it back though :(.
  10. My boyfriends dad works at GM... the Camaro is supposed to be gone HOWEVER they are building something similar to take it's place on the line up...
  11. stock to stock, mod for mod, the 97 Z28 owns the V6. it's just the facts of life. he doesn't even have the car anymore, so you shouldn't even bother with argueing over it.[/thread]
  12. to me, you spent your own money on this car. doesnt seem that he did if he's alread threw $5500+ in mods on it, on top of paying for the car, while he's in high school. If so, what kind of drugs is he dealing? Get in on that! (just kidding, drugs are BAD. Do 'em and end up like my friend, dead.) Anyway, yeah, tell him to kiss your ass. Keep your stang, be proud of it! These are high school debates, nobody is going to be the victor, because someones mommy or daddy will always buy vettes, GT's, cobras, I even saw a kid with a brand new saleen at my school my senior year. HE was a sophomore! Just be proud and dont buckle under the pressure!
  13. wooo go figure! v8 beats a v6????? :jaw: When did this fact come about? Man does this mean a v6 can also beat a 4 cyl? :jaw: That means I have a chance against that Civic!!!!! :D :D :rlaugh:

    :doh: :doh: :doh:
  14. however, as of now, there are no v6's planned for the SS....or else we may have something to worry about :nonono:
  15. that pic looks very ironically similar to the pontiac solstice. Anybody with me on that one? So, if chevy does produce this, it's gonna be a deathtrap. It will be a high powered v8 mixed with the chassis of a cavalier.
  16. ehh so now were complaining cus it's gonna be fast?
  17. Tell him that you are going to put on a K&N airfilter, because that will give you 30-40HP to the wheels, which will make up for the loss of power on the dyno.

    After that, tell him that you will be adding NOS (200hp), and NOS Stickers (25hp), and would kick his ass any day of the week.

  18. Just walk up to him and kick him as hard as you can in the junk. Keep on doing that until you get a turbo or supercharger on your car so you can beat him.

    In the meantime, he won't be able to sit in the car long enough to race