My friend got to drive the Mustang GT

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  1. Well in case some of you didnt know, I was very strongly considering getting a new Evo, I even put a small deposit down on one. I just spoke with a frined of mine who got to drive a GT for a few minutes today and he told me to drop everything and wait for the Mustang. He said its unbelievable, the power, the handling, the ride, he said he didnt want to give it back. He guaranteed me I would want one so bad after driving it that he would personally buy me an Evo if I still wanted one insted. I really trust this friend alot and he doesnt get sprung over just any car but he could not stop talking about how awesome the GT was. So needless to say, I am now back to waiting for the GT to come out. Now that I know they have greatly improved the handling and suspension, I am really intrested in driving one again.
  2. He got to drive an '05? How?
  3. I drove one as well. For like 6 and 1/2 hours until I woke up. It was pretty sweet.
  4. You did clean your sheets afterward right?