"My friend has a dodge like that"

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  1. I almost dropped the chili I was eating at the local Wendys.
    That's what the teenage dope said as he aproached my car.
    I told him it wasn't a Dodge, hoping he would leave me alone.
    Fat chance.
    "what is it then, an AMX?"
    Time for school- "no, it's a '77 mustang"
    the kid didn't want to go away.
    "Oh. that's one of the funny years, right?"
    Almost choked on the chili this time.
    "What's funny about these Mustangs? They ain't funny when they spank you in a race!"
    Kid still won't go away.
    "Well what's it got under the hood?"
    Now I can't resist.
    "They came from the factory with a choice of engines, a 3.25 liter 4 cylinder, a turbocharged 4.6 Liter 6 cylinder, and a 9.0 Liter V-8 with hidden nitrous option."
    Kid's mouth opens wide, goes back to his friends, I see him telling them, onr tall kid looks over at me grinning, he's the smart one, and wacks the dumb kid upside his head.
    If I hadn't finished my chili, I would have dropped it in my lap.
    I laughed so hard I almost couldn't breathe.

    Got a thumbs up from the tall kid as I was leaving.
  2. good one!! damn kids wouldnt know a great car if it drove right over them!!
  3. You know what I like...

    I like it because people don't know what it is. I mean face it, 95% of the population know what all of the other model of Mustangs look like. I will agree that the Mustang II isn't the fastest or the best handling or even the best looking originally from the factory.

    But let me clarify what I mean:
    - Isn't the fastest but being that it is so light with just slight modifications to the engine you can easily beat the new mustangs.
    - Isn't the best handling, but then again maybe it is for it price range and class! Look at what else was offered in 74-78!
    - Isn't the best looking, Well I have to admit that there are a few cars out there that are more pleasing to my eye, but none under $90,000 :)

  4. I had the garage door up ( someone is always looking at it) but this one guy stopped after staring hard for a while and asked " is that a vega":nonono: So I replied NO. Oh it's a pinto then. Again --NO --So I told him it was a mustang cobra and he asked what yr, so I told him a 77 ,and the clown says I thought so, I used to have one in high school:doh:
  5. 10, or even 5 years ago I thought II's were "the mistake', but now I just see it as a sign of the times, which was apparent at every carmaker, not just the U.S. Heck the 96-98 mustang recieves a similar connotation, depending on who you talk to.
    The problem is the fastback resemble a pinto just enough to be mistaken for one by the non-enthuisist.
  6. I get this alot myself just a couple of weeks ago I was at a local cruise night and I parked next to a gto and gaymaro just to see if I could draw more people than them and guess what of course I did. only thing was people kept asking me if it was a 1970. oh well I still got a good response and had alot of fun talking to the people who actually knew what my car was. got a few pics at my site since I am not sure how to post them here.

  7. WOW , I almost bought a 96 Years ago. Guess I am drawn to what some view as the underachievers! They do make awesome sleepers though. I lost count of the cars I spanked in my74 coupe.
  8. HEHE :D hey cobraiiw, can you tell me where my hidden nitrous option is located in my car? I haven't seen it yet! :rlaugh: although i still feel the V8 is too big for this car. the tires just spin at a light....even for a car with vintage 1977 parts.:jaw:
  9. Confucious say "V8 not too big...tires too small"
  10. Spinning tires is not a show of horsepower, just lack of traction. My ladder bar suspension in my II, hooks up better than the 4 link that was in my PRO steeter. It is all about setup.
  11. About three years ago, when my '76 was still intact, I had another dumb question.
    Bear in mind the '76 was white with blue stripes, and the billboard COBRAII on the doors, and the snake on the grill and fenders, and COBRAII on the spoiler.

    Kid pulls up to me in the parking lot and wamts to know if it's a "Shelby GT".

    We seem to get them all. :rlaugh:
  12. :lol:
    Great story.
  13. I've gotten a few questions as to what my car is. I've had it mistaken for a monte carlo twice. I'm like "running pony in the grille DUH!" :rolleyes: Heya guys, how you doin? Miss me? :OT: :D
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  15. where do i find NOS traction bars???? :D :D :D
  16. I personally woulda spit the chili with that one. You know we all had some of those friends in high school that were dumb...we were the smart ones....we have the II's...lol