MY friends 78 Mustang II

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  1. i'm the guy who snapped the pictures he was allso at the telegraph cruise with for posting where you did going to get some **** from the fox bodies guys.....dan i think his name is can;t remeber is doing a good job restoring it its really clean see ya greg

  2. Seems no matter where somethig about the II is posted there is going to be some **** about the car.

    What 78Mach wrote about the Fox models was kind. I was part of the car buying public when the '79 was introduced and I'll tell you, the shock of seeing that generic, styleless POS was enough to put me off new "Mustangs" for decades. Until about 2005.

    It's not that, in many ways, the '05 reminds me of a II, it's that the '05 finally resembles a Mustang again.

    THe FoxStang? Nothing special. Can buy one any day of the week. Why would anyone want to? I mean besides the fact that any booger eater can 'build' one with nothing more than a telephone, credit card and set of basic hand tools?
  3. I like it...reminds me of a yellow coupe I had a long time ago....
  4. All of us round sealed beam Mustang owners should pledge never to go into the hostel 5.0L Mustang forum again. :rlaugh: We will wage our war on them below the radar, using up all the Fox 5.0L Mustangs as "metal crate drivetrain's" for our Mustang II's :rolleyes:

    "Metal crate drivetrain" is a copy rated phrase used By Mustang J to discribe the popular trend of pulling the complete drivetrain out of a Fox 5.0L Mustang then installing it into a 1974-1978 Mustang II. As a bonus the Volvo looking Fox mustang hulk has a very roomy interior to throw all your cast-off parts in,like 139hp 302's and other garage garbage as it awaits the scrap yard pick-up.
    Anyone who owns a Mustang II is eligible to use the phrase. :D
  5. I usually try not to get into the "bash Fest" but when you get some one that starts off with "hideous..." after you can see that there was a lot of care put into making the car look that nice, and after the day I had... and really I was being nice ;)

    How often do you hear Chevy owners beat up on Monza owners? AMC guys are all one big happy family from AMX-Pacer( my uncle has 71? Gremlin)

    There are times I think that the Festiva gets more respect from some mustang owners than the II's do. Even though mine is still a work in progress I still get a lot of good comments on it at local cruises, and while out driving around town
  6. I agree with 78Mach1 and suggest that we all try not to get into a bash fest with the fox body guys. IMO it takes the level of the entire Mustang Ownership down a notch. If I guy comes on and makes a comment, I would ask that you try not to respond. It will just show the immaturity of the person making the original jab, plus it nips it in the bud if there is no reaction. We can just smile and have a blast driving our IIs.
  7. Like I said, NORMALLY i try not to, but this time I just couldn't resist. Last month I found out that my job is being sent to Mexico effective the end of Feb. On Tuesday we had a bunch of the *****ng "cockroaches under foot looking everything over, picking and choosing what machines are going down to Mexico , and when, getting in the way, just generally rubbing in the fact that these no good bastards are taking away more of our jobs... so I sent a few "nice" barbs back.

    For the most part the guys in that thread seemed to be positive about the car, but as always its the few that ruin it for the rest. It's just sad that a nice, clean car takes a bashing because some people don't understand what goes into getting our cars into that kind of shape. It would be nice if you could just pick up any old parts book, whip out the credit card and buy something new, but as we all know it takes something special to do that to a II. My II is done for the season, have some projects for over the winter, as long as I can come up with the money/new job to do them with, and I look forward to having more fun in the spring and getting all the thumbs up at the shows and cruise nights when I put it back on the road.
  8. Sorry to hear about the job 78Mach1. There is a lot of that going on here in Canada as well. This global economy really sucks. People don't really seem to get it, there is an invasion going on in North America from the Chinese. Also big business has no conscious and they are killing the economy by shutting down the manufacturing capability of North America. They are just looking at labour costs and to that end are shipping the plants to where they can hire someone for nothing. The trade deficit to China continues to grow.
    There was a Chocolat factory closure here in Nova Scotia a couple of months ago. The local company was owned by Hershey. They were shipping the jobs south of the border. I find it odd because I once saw a biography on Hershey himself. Apparrantly in the early 1900s, they were building either a factory or homes in Hershey PA and he was told about the marvel of the "Steam Shovels" and the number of workers that these pieces of equipment could replace. Upon hearing that he ordered them off the site and put people back to work. It is too bad that business people in North America had not retained that attitude.
    We the consumers are just as bad. We will pay as little as possible for a product, irregardless of where it is made and if it affects our neighbour, who cares. Now it is starting to affect us.
    Good luck in the future with your finding new work!
  9. We the consumers are just as bad. We will pay as little as possible for a product, irregardless of where it is made and if it affects our neighbour, who cares. Now it is starting to affect us."

    You said a mouthful right there. Car guys are just as bad...I see "who has the best price on xyz" all the time on various boards.
  10. They'll import workers for the jobs that can't be outsourced to cheaper labor markets.

    And advancements in technology allows the use of workers with fewer skills and talents.

    Pointing to Wall Street as proof of a growing economy and stability is somewhat misleading. Wall Street only shows profit, not how it's being made.

    Far as getting into pissing matches lowering the level of Mustang ownership .... Some of us have driven mustangs well over 30 years and some of us have had MIIs going on 30 years which means some of us have been hearing this poop for quite a while. Anymore I don't really care except it's an excuse to rip some ass.

    What lowers the II is the defense of the II with the 'it is too a Mustang' tact, that's too much like begging.

    Hey, Guy's, it's Blue Oval and has Z parts, It's a Mustang.

    The II is Ugly? ??


    Give me a break.

    I prefer to go on the offense and point out how no Mustang owner of any body style has anything to talk about.

  11. Well said. I usually let the "younger" crowd deal with ignorant II-bashers...unless I've had a bad day and feel like tearing someone a new one. But that's just therapy:D
  12. Hey MadMark....

    I think my grandmother would throwup if she had to drive that car.

  13. I can relate. If you took that fox, painted it light tan, beat the body panels within an inch of their lives, mismatched the front seats, and swapped on a set of $35 turbine mags...

    That would be my wife's POS 6-banger daily driver (the one I've despised since BEFORE she bought it, but we're stuck with it because the ****ing thing keeps on rolling)

    But, hey, its got a sunroof.....
  14. Shame the thread got closed before I could gig them about the rip roaring 260 V8 2bbl offered that year.

    Goes to show you how thin skinned people are when they get poked back.

    And I was just getting started ......
  15. I did think it was a bit entertaining that they ragged on him for posting pics of a 5.0 in the 5.0 forum... "5.0" does NOT equal "Fox" as anyone looking at the scoop on a KC could tell them:rlaugh:
  16. I have a 94' Gt and a 75' Mach1
    I have loved stangs since the beginning. The 75' was my first. I can't stand it when the Mustang II's get trashed, cause they look far more like the original mustangs than the econobox Fairmount-stangs. Thats a fact! I love both of my cars, however, I would part w/ my 94' before I would ever sell my 75'. I'm saving my money to go to the paint shop. After that, I plan on adding a single turbo to my V8 engine. I is complicated, but doable. Long Live the MII's
  17. i like em both...i have a 76 and 88....
  18. I wouldn't mind having a Fairmont wagon.