MY friends 78 Mustang II

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  1. There's a guy I met locally who swapped the complete front clip from an 87 Stang LX onto a Fairmont wagon, complete with the 5.0 and T5. Actually looks pretty good for an econobox wagon:D
  2. That car is kinda kool. It is Called a LTD LX, They made them between 1983-1986. It is basically a re-styled faimont which is the base for the Fox Mustang. So with some a quick trip to the Mustang parts bin can have interesting results. Mustang's and fast fords had a LTD LX with a 1987 GT front end bolted on. Mustang GT sedan LOL. :D

    Can't find a good picture of a stock one.
  3. There really is no accounting for taste in cars.

    I would like to have another 1968 Ford Custom Wagon. Bench seats and all. When I was a kid nothing screamed Mom and Dad/Grocery getter more than a wagon. I've missed that car for more than 30 years.


    IO saw a SN95 yesterday, it was in really good condition, and it wasn't that bad of looking car.

    Problem is, it looked like something that could have been produced by any nondescript manufacturer. I couldn't help but think that Mustang looked more Asian than American.

    I smiled when I remembered how, in 1978, had I gone to the Toyota dealer before the Ford dealer I could have ended up with a Celica and not the II. I bet that would have made some people happy.


    Fall of '78 I went to the dealer to check out the new mustangs. I was all excited because I heard there were vast improvements.

    I asked where the new mustang was, they said right here ... damned thing is right in front of me. First thought was Whiskey Tango Foxtrot???? It can be had with a 302? What? A 260??

    Lets say you've been looking at chocolate pudding for about a decade before being allowed to eat it, then you've been eating it for three or four years and darn, the stuff is pretty good. Then someone hands you a bowl of something they're calling chocolate pudding and it looks and smells like poop. Your not going to be too hot for a taste. Could even put you off your pudding for a while.

    I walked out of the dealer and never cared to look back.

    I guess Ford fixed their pudding around '84 or so, didn't look as bad, didn't smell as bad, they didn't fix it enough for me to want to take a taste.

    When I first saw the '05 I started saving my pennies, I figure it may be time to take a taste.


    Sure, my Mustang is Pinto based. So what?

    You don't want to bust on me for it.

    From Wikipedia:

    The Mercury Zephyr was a compact car sold by the Lincoln-Mercury division of Ford Motor Company in the North American market from 1978 to 1983. Along with its corporate cousin the Ford Fairmont, it was the first use of Ford's long-lived unibody Fox platform, which did not completely leave production until 2004.

    Zephyr, taken from a poetic name for the west wind, .....

    OOooooooo, the ZThhheffferrrr, the Foxeys blow from the west!

    Not my thing but, hey, if thats what floats their boats let them have at it.

  4. Just as one has to acknowledge the II as carrying on the name during dark times, the fox was largely responsible for the resurgance of performance cars that is still alive and well today.

    I've owned a '68 coupe, a multitude of IIs, an '89 GT, a '91 LX 5.0 'vert, '92 LX, and a '94GT. Guess which one is still in the garage...The others were OK, but nothing says"I'm just a little different" than a II.

    Wife really likes the "new" Mustangs, could be her next ride. Poor crash performance, IMO, but we don't buy them with the intent of crashing them, i guess.
  5. I just bought my 5th Mustang. I still own the first and third Mustangs, my '77 Cobra II and '78 King Cobra. My second was a '77 hatch, aqua/aqua with the 302 and AT. Great car. Sold it to get the cash for a much needed 4x4 to navigate Montana winters. In 2000 I entered the world of car payments for the first time, and bought my much loved 1998 Cobra. Spent countless hours and dollars modifying it just the way I wanted it. With a twinge of regret I recently traded it in on my first ever brand new car. I also have been very appreciative of the new '05+ body style, I think Ford really hit the nail on the head with this one, the best looking body style since the II, IMHO. I'm really enjoying my new ride, I've had it a month now. It sits in the garage with my II's and Bronco. They get along just fine.

    How's this for a stablemate:


    :nice: :D
  6. V8 Pinto wagon...preferably on an early Bronco or Bronco II chassis:D
  7. I didn't realize they concidered the mustang II a real mustang, more like a pinto on steroids, 4 lugs and all. "Just kidding guys", I stumbled on to this section as I have an 07 GT. I remeber the II''s quite well, they were cool cars. I really like the cobra's. When these cars were out I was racing a 67 289 fastback and later a 68 GT fastback with a 428 CJ. I allways wanted to do a cobra II with a boss 302, but never got the chance. Anyway, I'm glad to see these cools stangs have thier own section. Don't worry about the fox body guy's, thier just jealous because the II looks better, looks more like a stang. Actually, the II's were the first retro stangs.

  8. I felt exactly the same about Mustangs built after the IIs, until the '05 came out, and impressed me again.
    Fox 'Stangs are good, reliable performance cars, though, and the "kit" potential for big block power makes them pretty easy to play with, but as for looks.. eh. They're bricks. And the SN95? It looks like an import.

  9. That's OK, talk is cheap. They meet my II at the stoplights sometimes, and they become unhappy. The import crowd becomes unhappy after meeting my II in the curves, too.

    One guy even told me that my Mustang is so light and so uncommon, that it might as well be an import. If he wanted to piss me off like that, he couldve just kicked my dog or something.
  10. i dont think any mustangs were ugly. sure the ghia wasent to great but it surely beats 05+
  11. I kinda agree. No Mustang is really ugly, but WTH is that thing they made from 79-04?:flame: :spit:
  12. :rlaugh: now be nice, coyote. :rlaugh:

  13. I am....I just dislike Fairmonts:lol:
  14. question for you guys with front spoilers. I know the spoiler bolts to some panel on the front - can anybody show me this 'panel' or describe it or something because there's nothing below my front bumper and i've never seen one for sale.

    Thanks guys!
  15. It bolts to the lower valance.:OT:

  16. Yep, should have started a new thread.

    Now come on, the Fairmont Zephyr is an honest car, it never pretended to be more than it was, Grandmas Grocery Getter.

    It's not like it's the Grandparents car with a sports car name attached to it.

  17. :lol: You forgot the smiley that lets us know you didn't really mean that, eh? :lol:

    I guess I really should have made it "I dislike Fairmonts, regardless of what the model plate says it is (and those Fairmont GT's and Fairmont Cobra's just seem silly, at least to me) :D
  18. There was a local kid years ago that built up his mom's 302 in her fairmont, and he used to bring it out on Friday nights, looking for races.
    He soon found one, against a bone stock 289 (4v?) '67 Cougar with a 3 speed stick, and the Cat did eat the Fairmont. haha
  19. everything pales in comparison to the 60's flavor of muscle.