My head swap thread!

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  1. Well latley my threads have become 5 page battle royals! Lets keep this one friendly :D

    Anyways, thought I should make a thread about my head swap since Ive started the head swap! Originally planned on getting start tomorrow morning, but I had some time, was bored and said hey mine as well get some of the tideous stuff out of the way. I got a pretty good amount of stuff done, I started at 9:30pm and its 12:30 now, but I took my time, did alot of cleaning, got a bite to eat. I unbolted the headers, took out spark plugs, took off the upper intake, valve covers, and drained the coolant, and took out distributor. I didnt really want to take off the lower intake because theres a few things that go into it like the water pump hoses and that pain in the ass black coolant thing. Ill do that tomorrow when theres some sunlight. Pain in the ass is gonna be the alternator and ps pump grrr, oh well, my buddy is coming to help me tomorrow, Id like to have the heads off by tomorrow, and maybe try to get the new ones on friday, and saturday morning Jrichker is coming to help me finish up the rest. I have 1 and a half days to get as much as I can done, I dont have school, and I only work 6-11 tomorrow, and I wont have a car so ill be working on it for all that time. Im really excited! heres some pics of what I have so far, ill keep posting pics as I do more work. Enjoy, and remember BE NICE PEOPLE!



    Heres the dirty valve cover compared to the clean one.

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  2. nice! real nice... how hard would it be for me to put ford racing valve covers on mine... would it be a hard job i have the holly intake 75mm tb and kia.. would i have to move alot of stuff or could i bypass the other stuff and slip them on ?
  3. Bypass what stuff? Valve covers covers are probably one of the easiest things to do. Id make sure first you dont need a spacer and that the intake will clear the valve covers, but once you know they fit, id just unbolt the upper intake leave everything connected all the vacuum lines and t/b linkage and all that just move the intake around so you can slide the valve covers out and change them, no biggy at all.
  4. awesome!! could you try and take as many pics as you can the whole way?? cause that would be VERY helpful for me later this winter!!! :)
  5. hmm didnt think about that, i was gonna take alot of pics of course, but Ill go ahead and take alot more of the things I do so I can give you some tips, ive looked for alot of help online and havent found any very good write ups. Ill try and make one, wont be very detailed, but ill try and get the basic stuff in there, maybe some bolt sizes and such to make it easy for you guys not having to search around for the right socket, etc.
  6. alright I finished the write up from begning to where I am now. Ill keep taking pictures and updating it as I go.
  7. nice, atleast you are getting some good help from Jrichker! looks fun, i can't wait to do some major **** to mine!
  8. thanks man! Good job in so little time man! you must'a drank a red bull b4 starting!lol gives you wings, flying through it that fast.. no what i mean?
  9. man, talk about having the right person there when you finish it up and go to fire the thing up. i bet jrichker would be the best person to have help you out. good luck
  10. 1. You suck
    2. It will never work
    3. I can't believe you spent money on that!
    4. If I were a ricer, I might be impressed
    5. Street racing is the bomb... yo!
  11. :lol:

    On a seriousl note (wtf?) its coming along nicely.. Thats pretty sweet you live near jrichker! definatly the right person to have there!! but keep the pics coming, i think for a good rightup you need to have pics to show each step.. i love looking at pics of everyones cars and projects :D

  12. I just want to see the front wheels of that car come up. I already think that Mob's car is a factory freak (just an expression you homos... don't get crazy and argue about it). It moves great for what little has been done to it so far. I think these mods will get the wheels up.
  13. Dear Mob,

    I have been watching your progress. If you can, keep us updated with pics of your mom/sister/cousin and the head installation too. I would rather do mine myself and will not attempt it without someone holding my hand through the creativity of pictures and the interweb.

    Thanks and Godspeed,

    Shade Tree Mechanic
    11111 Walla Walla, Washington

  14. Shade Tree Mechanic was a friggen awesome show!
  15. edit... wrong thread :)
  16. Don't mind me I just live here...
  17. I should sue you for false impersonation :p
  18. Just remember to mark and keep every bolt nearby, mark all the wiring stuff and take your time. Its best to have a few hands there to when putting the heads on and such. Good luck and definately post up progress pics and when its done!
  19. Yea i have all the bolts seperated and labled. I know where all the wiring and vacuum lines go, this will be the 3rd time ive taken off the intake, and theres only like 6 things to remember where they go, and most of them speak for themself. Ive gotten pretty far, ill take some pics and load them up. My buddy was over here helping me, he helped out alot, id do one side and he would do the other or i would start on something and he would be taking off the rockers and stuff like that, made it go by pretty easy, i dont really have alot of stuff left. Just gotta get the exhaust out and pull the heads off!I already broke a wrench trying to get the head bolts off, those things are torqued down to like 23048-2034ftlbs, well more like 100 but I had to get a breaker bar to get the bolts out, still have like 12 more to go lol.
  20. hehe... I figured you were busy today so I was takin up some of your slack. :p