My head swap thread!

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  1. I don't want to wreck Mob's thread. Start a new one and I'll answer ya...

    Now - back on topic everyone :nice:
  2. mob doesn't have to worry bout driving his car through the winter... we live in the south lil bro
  3. :banana: Florida the state that the people think 50* is freezing cold! haha I lived in new jersey most of my life but DAMN after being here for more then 7 years 50* is cold!! but yea I drive my car ALL year long, only thing i have to worry about is rain.
  4. after i graduate florida is gonna be my knew home
  5. AHH I HATE IT HERE, theres some good things about florida, but man this place is getting crowded! but no emissions are nice.
  6. Hell yeah motorcycle weather all year round. Last year it was in the 30's a couple of nights we had frost on our windows and my heatercore was bypassed:mad: Then a week later it was 90* during the day.. :nonono: :banana:
  7. You aint kiddin about the rain, we get it here too. The worst winters here consist of 1/4" of snow one day the whole winter, and they close schools for that lol, and occasionally after it rains in the winter that night it will all freeze and school will be closed again.

  8. dunno if i missed it, but where did you get heads for 290?
  9. What is this winter? :shrug:

  10. hey.. I like when they close the schools for blizzards...aka drizzly snow:D
  11. Corral forumsn, found a guy local, 290 for the heads, complete with scorpion rockers and springs and valve job.
  12. No joke they have closed school here for torrential RAIN! :rolleyes:
  13. man they only close school here for hurricanes. Whitch arent too rare though so we get out of school alot!
  14. yeah the hurricanes, we got out all of like 2 days last year, now there arent any hurricanes, and it never gets under 70 down here, winter is non existant here.
  15. Haha everybody needs somethin lol. good work btw. Im not sure if its my computer or what, but how do they sound? i have heads and a cam LTs Offroad hpipe and my flowmasters are pretty loud, like car alarms left and right loud. These will probably be lounder, no? also you think case lenth will make a difference? i notced you got the shorter ones, was this just for price or a different sound? sorry for the questions but its either these or spintechs and i dont want to make a mistake.
  16. Flowmasters were too quiet for me, these are ALOT louder, the longer the case of course the more muffler so the quieter it is, its cheaper but also louder. Im not sure if you can tell a difference with a longer case though. But these are VERY loud, I love it but for most folks it would be too loud.
  17. forgot to post these, heres some.







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  18. wheres that house its not where you live now is it?

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  19. nice mob, looks like the car has come a long way since then.

    we used to live down where you guys are, i dont remember where though. ill ask my dad. we moved up here when i was like 6 months old.
  20. Mob were in NJ were you from.