My head swap thread!

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  1. i remember when he first got it. It's come such a looong way! Amazing work and dedication. My buddy has a photo album of his t-top fox with pics from the first day he bought it till now. Its amazing to look at his and see how far its come, at one point it looked like a real pos. Now its :drool:
  2. i remeber those times too. i think i still have the vids of you backing it into the storage shed. haha.
  3. haha thanks guys, and I lived in Bridgewater
  4. I got owned today :(. There is this SICK black z28 all black its like the damn nightrider, black tails, black wheels, tinted windows, its SOOOO loud, Ive raced this guy before and everytime we race he gets me bny like 2 cars, so I said hmm this should be intersting. We launched i could hear him feathering it, and I was feathering it too, but I hit second and floored it and I was SIDEWAYS literally taking up 2 lanes sideways at the top of 3rd by the time I hit 3rd he was gone, times like these I wish I had the slicks on, it would have been a CLOSE race. We shall meet again though :)
  5. holy batman Mob ... I had no clue you were from Bridgewater,NJ. My girlfriend is originally from there and its about 30 mins from where I grew up...
  6. haha I was born in tampa but moved their when i was like 3 years old? Around there, I lived there till i was like 7 or 8, dont remember it much but those were the days! haha nvm what am i talking about 17 and having a 12 second car! these are the days!
  7. Found out the guy I raced is a low compression forged H/C car awaiting a blower, I feel alittle better about myself :)

  8. i live an hour south of bridgewater - i have family there.. EXPENSIVE as heck!
  9. :rlaugh:
  10. welcome to the club! im actually 16 though.. 12.3 :D
  11. ****ing camaros. there was a black 95 z28 with 197,000 miles owned by this kid i worked with a while back. **** was fast. first actually fast RWD V8 ive ever been in. i give those damn cars props, even though they are pestering.
  12. Mob you tell him to come to nj and I'll smack his car around for you :nice:
  13. thats why i bought one.. damn things are good cars when done right.. about the only car i'd go for other than a fox..

  14. you should post it. like i posted mine when i backed it up the drive. :D
  15. ryan's sense of humor FTW! :notnice:

  16. :D :owned:
  17. Thats at my dads friends house who did all the work at the time.
  18. owned? :lol:

    Owned is when you drive around with daddy. Owned is when mob has sent me countless links to your threads just so i can have a good laugh. Owned is when you sit here and make fun of my honda when all you can legally drive by yourself is your pair of nike's.

    with that being said, i kindly request that you quietly exit this thread and go check to see when daddy's schedule is free so you can drive again, c0ck gobbler.

    that is all.
  19. haha not sure if im missing something but thats funny!

    Yea its really nice, I visited like last year and saw my old house it was awesome! Back in the days that house would be insanley CHEAP, it was very rural, 3 story house, you walked in on the second story, and had an acre for a back yard, with a 12ft deep pool, we used to have deer running in our backyard and stuff, it was awesome. That house back then was in the 100k's!