My home made paint job *pics*

Discussion in 'Mustang Sound & Shine All' started by AirForge, Jul 9, 2004.

  1. When did you paint yours? Looks damn good.
  2. Im in taylorsville, north of hickory.
  3. thats a hell of job man! nice job :nice:
  4. I painted it back in February. The hood and front bumper had a few chips in it and I was in an accident with the car back in '01; 3 weeks after I bought it and the paint work the bodyshop did didn't match that well. I got sick of looking at it so I just broke down and shot it. It has Sherwin Williams basecoat with House of Kolor UC35 clearcoat. All hand color sanded and buffed.
  5. Good lookin paintjob man. Im hoping when my dad and i paint my stang it looks that good. lol. but yeah, looks good :)
  6. what type of gun did you use?
  7. Why bring back the dead? :( I don't think he posts on here anymore. I could be wrong, though. You could PM him.
  8. hahaha....sorry, it just happened to be something i was considering at the moment. i'll take recommendations from anyone...
  9. Can someone post the pictures up of his car, my computer isnt showing them....thanks!
  10. His post (this thread) is pretty old, so I'll bet the host doesn't have them up any more. I don't see them either. :)