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  1. I think that if someone comes into your forum and says crap like....."Where are the fast V6's" and other things that are just going to start flame wars they should just not be replied to. That would save awhole lot of hassle and the "flamer" would just end up feeling like a flamer. :shrug: :banana:
  2. you like saying flamer don't you.
  3. LEIK OMG V8Z PWNNNNZZ TEH V6S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111111111111one :rolleyes:
  4. I like to argue.
  5. :stupid:
  6. When I ASK where are the fast V6's wouldn't it just be easier to prove me wrong...if you can. And while [email protected] isn't slow it is not my idea of fast either.
  7. what is your interpretation of fast? If you are looking at a 2004 Ford GT going [email protected] as being slow, you are very correct. However, looking at a v6 mustang, that's pretty good, for what it is. You can only modify a car so much before you lose the essence of the car. If you dropped a v8 in it, guess dont have a v6 any more! :eek: So basically, when you say fast, we are saying fast for a v6. we are not saying fast for a v8. it's all relative to what you're looking at.

    and the reason why most v6'ers say that v6's are so much better is the simple fact that (if you read mean03v6's post about why he hates v8's you'll understand better) we don't get our heads shoved up our asses driving around a v6 (for the most part) as well over 99.997% of v8 owners do. Thats why it is generally thought the v6 is better.
  8. There is no "fast for a V8" "fast for a 4 cylinder" "fast for a V6" etc.... Fast is fast, it does not matter how you get there. To me anything above 120mph is FAST. I mean if you can't hang with a stock 03 Cobra or stock Z06 then you are not fast.
  9. Is that a V6 Mustang?
  10. No, it's smaller. You're obviously obsessed with finding cars that have less cylinders than you do but with more power. I showed you one and I've told you about two. Why do you care so much about V6 mustangs and their power? Quit being a troll man.
  11. You are wasting everybody's time. :mad: So you say fast is fast, no matter how you get there. If i cannot hang with a Cobra or Z06, which I cannot with my 6 banger, I am not fast. But, what I can do, is take all my money, and turn that into a vehicle that can go faster than 200+mph (either buy one or build one). Then, I can define that fast means going 200+mph. By that definition, your Cobra would not be fast anymore, because I doubt that your car will let you reach 200mph. So, you might ask why I don't do this. It's simple, I don't need to prove your dumbass anything. :D
    Now do me a favor and stop posting these sensless threads. You got a supercharged Cobra. Good. You're faster than me. Good. We all know this.
  12. are you ****ting me? anything faster than a walk/run, which is how fast the human body was meant to go is fast so yes a kia is fast!

    Your definition of speed sucks ass.

  13. Ok, I'm sure you guys are getting sick of seeing me having to double post on each thread, so I'll try to hit everything in just this :D First off, thanks Chris for referencing the thread I started about the V8 situation. Always good to know that there are people out there who know where I'm coming from. :nice: You are also right about dropping a V8 into a V6. Alot of people do that and still try to call it a V6. Newsflash: If there's 8 cylinders, then it's a can't be both a six and an eight. That said, I also want to give a :nice: to Integraholic. The car you posted is very fast, but Monkie still isn't giving it any props. You know, if I get beat by a turbocharged Honda Civic, it may be an import, but man I still give it props b/c it's fast and it's such a small motor. (Please guys, don't take this as meaning that I like or want a Honda product...I'm just saying if it's fast, it's fast.) Greenbioch is also right. If the fact that you can't beat a Z06 or a Cobra, two of the fastest (by fastest I don't mean it's proven, I just mean they're very dang quick...had to put that in case Monkie wanted to flame me for sayin that. :D ) domestic sports cars out there, in your car, then your sense of speed really does suck. I know what it's like to have to walk, and let me tell you, my Stang is like a Nascar compared to that speed. Ok, I think I covered everything... :D Thanks for taking the time to read this slightly long post... :nice:
  14. probably the only reason that the fastest V6 mustang I've seen that runs an 11.9 is that the companies that make parts for the V6 haven't really developed an extremely high horsepower cam/head/boost combination. If these places ever really decided to dive into the V6, they could easily reach into the 9's, if not the 8's, but most 6'ers are quite happy beating slightly modded GTs with the parts we can get now.
  15. I can see it now... Ford introduces the 351 V10 and ALL the V-10 guys will be hatin' on all the V-8er's and they will be crying foul (and you know if the SVT boys have 2 V-6 castings around....can we say V-12? LOL)

  16. Yeah it will never end, someone always thinks there better and has the toys to prove it :rolleyes:
  17. Anything faster than human walking speed is considered "fast"? :rlaugh: :rlaugh:
  18. So you think top speed is fast? Wait, I bet you are those type of people that go up to a 10 second car and look at the speedo and say "Oh...its slow it only registers 85mph. :( "
  19. I'll race you on my moped!
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