My intake

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    This is what my intake looks like exactly its cold air intake bolts into the fender same blue same everything i wish i had a digital so that i could take pics my friend ... will have one by christmas so ills tart takin pics hes gettin a gsx 95 all wheel drive turbo and just bought a 10,000 dollar engine runs 10s he got a unity or whatever for being bit in the face by a dog 81,000 lucky mother...
  2. looks great! wish mine looked that cool...
    too bad its an 8 though, im sorry man. :D

  3. i know its a 8 waht are u talkin about ..? im sayin thats the intake i have on my 2.3 the exact same one im not sayin that pic is my engine lol...? i will take pics right after christmas and show everyone...
  4. ohhhhhhhh gotcha, i missed that part.
    good deal then! :nice:

  5. How did you get that to work with the flat side of the MAF? Also isnt the bend too short to go across to the TB?
  6. it took a long time lol ... to get it on ud have to see it to beleive it and it looks really good and yes it was to short but i bought anohter metal clamp and it all worked out it looks soo good exactly like the pic and sounds good to
  7. if you say so
  8. i cant wait to show everyoen this and then they can lick my huts.. with indians in them right after christmas ill have pics..