My Interior Restoration Begins

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  1. Last week I decided I needed new floor mats... then I just kept adding more stuff. I ended up buying the abs headliner, carpet, vinyl upholstery (i had titanium leather), new driver side seat foam, hatch carpet and some paint.

    Since I'm going to have the carpet out I decided to get sub frame connectors and torque box reinforcements installed also. I love Maximum Motorsports stuff and I'll be getting it welded in. Even though the motor is all stock I'm sure this will be smart in the long run. Should I just try a body shop or look for a different kind of expert to get them welded in?

    I know sound deadening discussion is beat to death but I wasn't really concerned with it until I got my old headliner out. Whatever ford used has pretty much turned to dust.
  2. For subframe connectors, you need a welder and a lift. That could mean an exhaust shop or chassis place too.
  3. Exhaust shops are a great place to go for sfc's
  4. I'll probably go with this for the roof. It's more about keeping the car cool than sound absorption, but that's fine since I live in Georgia.
  5. Mm subframes are cool I imagine but..... It's just a piece of square stock steel. So if it was me, and it was me about a year ago I'd go w a cheaper brand and put the $ saved elsewhere. No need in buying a name for every piece
  6. Good point 90lx. My thought process on that was that they were going to be there forever, but I'll look at other options.
  7. Did the interior on my 94 over the winter..... your car will feel brand new once your done !!
  8. its not just a piece of square stock as you say there is much more to it then just slapping some square stock under there and not expecting it to snap or bend. also MM has a few bends to keep the sfc nice and tight.

    think of SF connectors as a long term investment since your not likely to cut them off anytime soon. MM makes some of the best sfc's for the money get them bare and paint it yourself.
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  9. I am a fan of MM heavy duty weld in connectors. It will become a piece of the foundation of the car, no reason to skimp. Trust me, they are stronger than the cheaper version. Its thicker tubing, the seat brackets are thicker and have nice weld on plates to stiffen them even further. I have seen a couple different brands and when I bought my MM's I was glad I did. Thats not saying the others do nothing, but for the small price difference I feel its worth the stronger pieces for the long haul. It doesnt seem like you are on a super tight budget since you were able to collect all that stuff at one time.

    P.S. Be sure to post pics once you are getting it back together!
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  10. +1 on MM sfc's. I had a chassis shop weld them into my '89 notch years ago. You don't realize your car wasnt really "solid" until you drive down a bumpy road with sfc's, and the car is not squeaking and rattling anymore. However, I don't have experience with other sfc's.
  11. Got most of the interior out and MM bare-metal sub frame connectors sitting in the back of my truck. I'll paint them up tomorrow. Any suggestions on what to use?

  12. Any type of spray bomb paint should work. I like to use Krylon Dual paint on all of my metal things. I sprayed the underside of my truck with it and it's held up pretty good so far.
  13. I used Sherwin Williams Zinc weldable primer. Cleaned them with acetone, sanded, cleaned again, then sprayed. Cult Motorsports in Atlanta are putting them on Thursday I hope.
  14. Use a good weldable primer on the subs, and for the floor pans a primer with rust protection or a rust converter. Then I would recommend a good quality paint like Krylon or VHT chassis paint.
  15. I got the sub frames on and the guys who did it said it was a perfectly straight car. NOW, on to putting the interior back! First I'm doing the headliner. I'm using Damplifier CLD tiles on the roof then a layer of 3M Thinsulate. I got the verision from LRS so I figure I'll need to cut some. Anybody installed one? Here's my sound deadening package I have accumulated. The carpet going in is MASS BACK as well.

  16. Just make sure than when you install the SFC make sure the weight of the vehicle is on all 4 wheels.

  17. Too late. He said the SFC are already on.

  18. I'll hope that's what that they did. It was a race/chassis shop that did it and I left the instructions with them. They seemed knowledgeable and the owner drove a sick coupe.
  19. Im sure they did it right. Keep up the work.