My Interior Restoration Begins

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  1. Update. I got behind on this project because I had to abruptly move, that took up most of my time off in November. Fortunately I wound up in a better AND cheaper place! This time with a roof over the stangs head. I recently managed to get the first layer of sound killing on.

    The seats aren't actually installed. They're just sitting there. I wanted to put the upholstery on myself because I've never done that before. But since I'm already behind I may outsource. Best estimate so far is 250, but I think if I look harder I can find a side job type guy for 150. Most of the places I call can't understand I already have the fabric, this isn't custom or special. I live in Atlanta so most upholstery shops deal with jobs that are three different colors with embroidery on a car with zero aftermarket.


  2. Disagree, Caprice's and Cutless Supremes have n aftermarket :rolleyes:
  3. I would put some dynomat or similar on the roof before you install the headliner. It will make a noticeable difference in sound level and help keep the car cooler/warmer in the respective seasons.
  4. The next layer is 3M Thinsulate. That's Damplifier directly on the metal.
  5. This is the 3m thinsulate stuff. DONT have gloves on when installing because when you slide your hand across it will shred it. Also use fabric scissors for trimming. I got lucky and the scrap off the front cut fit well enough in the back. I have enough left over to do another roof. I will probably use it somewhere on the car. I have this and plenty of damplifier left over so it will spread through the car.

    This stuff is used in high end convertibles to keep sound levels very close to their hard top models.

  6. Still not complete but I am headed there. I'll have it at the Flag City Mustang show in Macon on March 29th so I've been pouring my time in this. It looks like I rushed some paint! (The door panels haven't been touched yet) There is a color difference between the ARMREST plastic and the CONSOLE itself. It looks terrible in that backseat pic...

    I used new foam in the driver seat and I have actually lost some comfort, it's almost too big now. My head hits the headliner and is hard to find the best adjustment setting. The upholstery shop may have made an error on install, I didn't like their overall work anyway.

    It smells new though.
  7. Smells new and looks good! Can't beat that, nice work!
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  8. Hopefully the new foam is just a little stiff at first and will "settle down" after being sat in for awhile.
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  9. My thoughts as well
  10. Looks great man! That interior looks familiar. ;) Keep up the nice work!
  11. Wait. Wait... I have four way adjustable seats. Probably not going to be the FOAMS fault I was wearing the headliner as a hat.