1. I have restored many stangs 35 or so now im to my last stang this one is for my daughter and I need some help locating a fastback if anyone knows of one in Massachusetts for sale please shoot me a line. Im looking for projects not a completed resto.
  2. what year(s) ??
  3. 65 to 68 the 69 and up will not fit in garage to work on
    with the weather here getting cooler don't want a car with the tail end sticking out the door.
  4. I'll keep my eye's open on the Cape.

  5. Still looking! Thanks for help going to New Hampshire this week found old bone yard they said they have a few They could not tell me condition.
  6. Still looking have tried some of the people that i was given names and numbers but no luck so far
  7. STILL looking but now looking into 67 convert that I can build into 67 fastback I have most of the parts for rebuild
  8. Why would you do the fastback conversion on a convertible? Just use a coupe.
  9. That option is still out there, Just no cars, been looking for a long time figured with the extra inner rails be more rigid body. Know of any in northern mass or southern New hapshire.
  10. Thats true, but I wouldn't cut up a vert for a fastback swap. I'd rather have the vert, since there arent many of them around either.
  11. Well the search is still on I have been to 23 bone yards with no luck I saw a lot of half cars but nothing that could be saved. Was told of a yard in mass Tossi's mustang farm might give it a shot later this week.
  12. Well may have found one in mass about 2 hours away from me pics of the car are good for a project been sitting for six years. When my daughter comes home she is going to go crazy just want her home safe. wish me luck will post pics of the find once it's home now for trailer rental or flat bed
  13. Found one picking her up Sat 67 fastback 4 speed 289 4bl less than 60k miles on it I wont stop shaking till it's here My daughter may be home in the next two weeks God bless the US Army.
  14. Need Photos!!!
  15. Got One

    Well here is the story this is a lot more than I could have thought it could be. Here is a car that has not seen the outside world since 1989 58k on the clock 289 4 bbl 4 speed with all the fixens inside:jaw:

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  16. Looks like it is all there, I might have to drive out your way to have a look!
  17. Thats pretty cool. I think thats a great candidate for restoration.
  18. Eng run nice new battery and some fresh gas and she fired up 2nd try duel pipes sound great
    all lighting is good floors are solid some metal work needed rear qtrs and trunk The shopping list for this one is short mostly interior parts and center caps for the rims I will post more pics of progress

    And Thanks To all who tried to help
  19. What a great find! Your daughter is one lucky girl. Thank her for her service.
  20. Great find, just out of curiosity how much did it cost? Much respect to your daughter for her service and God Bless.