My Latest Article In 5.0 Mustang Magazine

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  1. I'm super excited! My latest article on Project Shocker has just published in the April 2014 issue of 5.0 Mustang Magazine. Check it out!

  2. Glory hog! Lol, just kidding. That's awesome man. Are you going to make the NMRA events this year? Looking forward to seeing you and 84ttop in action. Maybe yall can line up against each other.

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  3. Cool :nice:
    I'm a Dawg so the Yellow Jacket Cover freaks me out little :confused:
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  4. What's the price point on these plug and play systems from Holley, Edelbrock, etc. now? Do you see them coming down anytime soon?
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  5. oh you fancy now huh.
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  6. Cool. I just got my issue in the mail yesterday, I'll definitely check it out!
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  7. You know I'm not really sure how much the Holley Dominator costs. I'm sorry.

    I'll be at several of the NMRA events this year, mostly working though. I'm planning to race in Bradenton next month, but I don't know if I'll run the '89 or my 2011. Either way, 84ttop has me covered by a lot! I think he made like 1300hp or somewhere around there. :eek:
  8. Congrats...
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  9. Congrats Sharad... wanted to check out the Bradenton event but I have a feeling Ill be headed back up north before the event.
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  10. I bet he will be closer to 1500 hp next time out
  11. Heck yeah, Nick's car is like a ProMod now. Mine's just an old hooptie!
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  12. For what the holley system does, it is a lot for the money. The holley system is only going up in price, a dominator ECU 2 years ago was under 1500, now it is right around 1800. Price would depend on how much you want to monitor.
  13. Ouch! 1800$ :eek:
  14. Yeah, that's a lot. Plus I saw that most of them are rated to ~450 hp, which I guess is limited by the injectors that come in the package? Compared to the Megasquirt it's apples and oranges now that I looked into the other PNP systems. They come ready to go and are self learning, which is why they can charge the extra $1k. It's fascinating stuff, just priced out of the average weekend warrior range.

    Either way, congrats @Sharad on getting the feature. Very cool stuff going on there, and I'm sure it's a great payoff after all the time and effort put into a project like that!
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  15. I probably have about 2000 into my holley HP setup, with LS coils and all the required harnesses(i'd bet it could be done around 1500 with the HP EFI and TFI ignition). The dominator setup adds a good chunk of chnage to the holley stuff, but it is also being used on guys making upwards of 2000hp and it can control multiple stages of nitrous, boost, and has a TON of inputs and outputs that can measure everything you would ever need to an more.

    The HP systems only have 4 inputs/outputs, so thats the only place it is limited. The HP EFI is the same as the dominator besides that. They do not have a horsepower rating either, the sky is the limit with this stuff.
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  16. 1327 rwhp with the last motor but who is keeping track.

    Stock block 302 street car... just sayin ;)

    And for the record I don't know who is more photogenic You or Shocker, lol

    Truly is awesome seeing you get all the press on this as it is so well deserved. Just make sure you don't hog all the magazine space, my car is about to be pretty!
  17. I need to get crackin on my car again. I wanna be in the 4 digit hp club too :(
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  18. Goodness, you guys are way out of my league. I'm sure there's no way I could control that kind of power. (Much less afford it! :() I think I'll be happy with somewhere in the 300 neighborhood for my driver.
  19. Awesome, I have this issue sitting on my table right now, I think I'll read it when I get home.
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  20. @Sharad you going to sign my copy? I believe that's celebrity status you have now!
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