My latest Video and Dyno numbers :)

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  1. So on a whim I decided to Dyno the car to see what I was making with the new Turbo, and tweak the tune.

    The problem I was having was the fact that I was afraid I was making too much power, and endagering the stock block. The car is just tearing my ET streets up all the way through Third gear, and I was afriad of over powering the block.. So I wanted to see what I was putting down.

    Weather sucked it was in the 80's and HAD to be 100% humidity.

    First couple pulls netted a suprisingly low number, something in the 450's at 14 psi.. This was a bit off from the smaller turbo's numbers, but my A/F was buried at 10.0.. So thanks to the mad scientist Al (XX Tuning), he leaned the mixture out some, and we were able to get 480 sumthin at the same boost level with some fuel takin out.. But I was still off, and I couldn't figure it out. Then Dan mentioned that maybe my air filter that I just got was not big enough (tiny K&N). So we took that off, BAM instant 30rwhp, to 520ish. After some tweaking and bumping the boost up to 16psi with a total timing of 19, the car is running insane now. SteedaJeff let some air out of the tires and that helped, but the car is worthless through 2nd gear.

    Total numbers today: 540rwhp/578rwtq PUMP GAS - Not bad considering the air today sucked ass.

    The video was mainly taken following the Dyno, Al had his supra, and we had a video car (JoeStang and Dan) and we just tore **** up this afternoon.. I can honestly say that my car scares me now. When you watch the video, watch the first race with the Supra and I.. Look at how much rubber the car lays down..

    The Supra belts out 620rwhp/510rwtq.

    Right Click "Save as" 50mg <-This link may give you problems - be sure you get the entire video.

    Here is a link to a Low Res version of the video, quality kinda sucks.. But at least it will work.
    Right Click "Save as" - 10Meg

    Hope you guys enjoy it, it was fun for me :) look for race gas numbers at the end of the year.
  2. Damn Chris your car is a "BEAST" dawg!
    I love the sound of your car. :nice:
  3. Thats crazy...but I thought I saw an ad on Corral or somewhere that you were selling the Cobra?? I could be wrong but I thought it was yours.

  4. I was at one point, but not anymore :nice:
  5. Download faster damnit! LOL
  6. thank you for not selling that thing it is too cool
  7. The movie ends with a Credit Roll, so if you don't see the credits at the end, your not seeing the entire movie. The server is getting hammered right now, and we think it's breaking up the download. Please make sure you get the entire video and not some partial crap :)
  8. Nice dyno #'s. Congrats. :cheers:
  9. ok so i just freaking watched that video and all i can say is OMG! that is one of the coolest videos i have ever seen i love the part "just out for a sunday drive officer" lol and i think that there may be just a slight problem with your car its a thing called traction and with all the power on tap i would be afraid if i were a tire. your car is just amazing!
  10. Dude, thats an awesome video. :hail2: It looks like the cobra starts to pull away on the race from 3 honks near the middle of the video. It's hard to tell though cause they both pull away from the car videotaping from behind. They had to zoom in try to keep up. I think your car is officially a beast when it can outrun the zoom on a camera.... :nice: Ok, I watced the video again and the Supra seems to keep up... :shrug:
  11. First Race I beat the Supra, second and third he pulled me by a car. His car is no joke..

    Here is a link to a Low Res version of the video, quality kinda sucks.. But at least it will work.
    Right Click "Save as" - 10Meg
  12. Unbelieveble Chris. Great job on the car. It truely is a beast. At times I swore you might have fast forwarded some of your accelerations in the vid, but I know you didn't do that. Its just that fast.

  13. I love it when the guy filming just starts laughing after you and your buddy take off on the 50mph highway.

    Tell your friend Al that that is one of the nicest, cleanest Supra's i've ever seen.
  14. I guess I got a chopped version... ended with the guy sticking out his tongue in the chase car???? :shrug:

    I'm at work so I'll try the low res version.

    All I can say is HOLY CRAP! That thing screams..... You left like 60 ft of black marks from a rolling punch in the 1st race...

    You my friend need a parachute. LOL
  15. :jaw: Awesome numbers!!

  16. I wouldn't do that dude.

  17. Yea the traction problems are not fun.. Sometimes she burns straight and sometimes she gets wacky. The car is at the chassis shop this week getting all sorts of goodies put in it. :nice:
  18. that car is an animal

    jw tho why doesnt anybody do those kinda things with foxbodys and tape them?
  19. Car looks and sounds awesome :hail2: :hail2: