My latest Video and Dyno numbers :)

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  1. Dude, I dont post on SN anymore, but I got linked to this thread. I just have to say your car is ****ing bada$$!!!!!!!! :nice: I am a hardcore 4.6 guy, but I would give my left nut for your Cobra :hail2:

    Job well done :flag:
  2. i need to see a sig.

    you are my god.

    I want to know whats done to it so i can start ording today!!!


    sorry too excited :nice:
  3. holy ****! i need money!
  4. You guys crack me up... Thanks..

    And for all you budget racers.. Let me give you one piece of advice.. EBAY is your friend. Very few of the parts on my car are brand new. I think to build my car to this point I called Summit maybe 4-5 times, and that was for the BS stuff like bolts and gaskets.

    Look and for parts on all the forums, talk to people, but don't act desperate.. Set a price in your head, and NEVER exceed that price, that goes for all the parts and the total investment in your car. Don't break the bank building your car, it's not worth it. My car took almost two years to get it to this point, and I was nickle and diming EVERYTHING. From the heads - down to the DFI it's all used from shopping around..

    That's my advice for today kids. :spot:
  5. Chris,

    your car looks pretty stout to say the least. I noticed you are also running skinnies up front,, what type of backspacing, or spacers did you need to fit the cobra brake calipers?

    Also, what type of suspension modifcations are you using? Nice ride!

  6. that is bad :nice:
  7. I am Running Bogart Drag Stars, Bogart makes these wheels specific for the 94-2003 Cobra. But until this past weekend, the entire rear suspsension, including rear end was stock.. Not anymore! ;)
  8. Great #s!
  9. Chris sold the car a few months ago and bought a bike. :(