My LED taillight panels... which version should I use??

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by Tried2Live, Dec 5, 2003.

  1. i wish i could of seen the org posters pics. i imagine our tailights would look so much better using the led's. i'd really like to see a set of them.
  2. ya i shot him a email.....hopefully he will chime in
  3. yeah, I shot him an email and PM.....still nothing
  4. all the pics are dead. anyone got some they can share?
  5. Holy crap old thread.

    I'm still planning on working on this, but I just haven't had time. Stupid life...all keeping me from the fun stuff.
  6. I finally logged back in today after a few years and had 8 PMs from people about these. Apparently I don't have any kind of email notification turned on, so sorry about that. I updated the first post to include what I believe are the original pics.
  7. At long last! Thanks for fixing those pics dude. What was the final decision on the installed tail lights?

    I think both versions look respectively sweet! :nice:
  8. I waited SOOO long for you to post again!!!
  9. hellyeah i'm glad you finally fixed the pictures. that looks awesome.:D iwanted to do something like that but have no idea how. i wanted it just so the lights are brighter, hopefully meaning no idiots running into my rear. do you still have the car? any newer pics. i know many of us would be interested in getting a set made. after seeing how much better the led's are i want to try and upgrade all my nights.

  10. OMG!!! the pics work.
  11. I just went with the second type. I really didn't want to attract any more attention than I needed to.

    I still have the car, but it's up on jack stands right now while I'm waiting for new control arms to show up. Once I get those on, I need to take the car out to get some pics for my insurance policy, so I may be able to get a few more shots of the tails.

    I've been approached to make sets for other people, but to be honest, it was such a huge pain, I don't think there's much of a chance I'd do it again. Just to make up for the time and materials, I would have to charge $500 or so for a set. I'd be willing to sell my original prototype to someone if they want to try to make their own though. :D
  12. Did you create a wiring diagram or a parts list for this?

  13. Why don't you try this but vertically, like trying to resemble the the classic Mustangs or the 96-04? I've always imagined something like this.

    This is of the regular tail lights.
  14. Woo hoo the pics work!

    Well if you're not going to make more, can you scribble up a wiring diagram and a parts list?
  15. Badass!! I love that, great work bro!
  16. Cj pony parts sell a kit for 99 dollars . Part #TLLED10
  17. Interesting. but $100? thats steep.
  18. Yea i know but would be easier that building your own or trying to find all the right stuff .
  19. I can pretty much guarantee that kit is WAY cheaper than it would cost to put a decent set together yourself. Granted it doesn't use even close to the same number of LEDs as I did, but I'd guess I had about $150 just in parts, (super-bright LEDs were/are pretty expensive), plus the countless hours of labor.

    As far as a wiring diagram, I don't have one. I just came up with it all in my head, and calculated resistor values based on the LED ratings, and assumes a 14V source.
  20. Can you give us a parts list of what actually went into them?