My mercury zephyr 5.0 project

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  1. Hey guys. I am building a 1979 Merc Zephyr w/a 306, trw forged pistons, a stout cam, 289 heads, a 3500 stalled C-4 and a 4.10 8.8. I was wondering if anyone has ever done a fox like this before? Possibly a fairmont?? If so I would love some pics and info. Thanks.
  2. What the hell is a Zephyr, an escort or something???
  3. no not even close a zepher is like a fairmont or futura. it is a fox body like your 93 stang
  4. A zephyr is just like a fairmont and it IS a fox body just like our much loved mustangs. Uses all the same parts.
  5. i've heard of them before, just couldn't picture one, sorry.
  6. There are a few on here, and I think they'll get more popular as more and more fox body's are ragged out and beat on, and these gusy are ripe for the picking.

    I almost did one myself, but it was wrecked just before I had my chance ... and just try and find body parts for one. :notnice:
  7. i'm building a 302/5 speed 79 4 door zephyr right now! :)
  8. I saw a mean looking one at the Carisle show last year. It was black & had 97 Gt wheels on it. They can be really nice looking if done right:D
  9. I'm running a street/strip Fairmont with a 351C/C4. It's a poor mans Mustang.;) :nice:
  10. my 85 LTD LX :)
  11. Before i bought my Mustang I had a 78 Futura that I repainted and installed Mustang wheels, seats and dash pad in. I had almost everything to convert it to a 302 - C4 (it was 4 cyl, 4speed) and my Mom had to go and sell her house, :mad: so I had to get rid of it all. Ended up trading it in for my Mustang.

    It was a fun car, learned a lot working on it. First paint job, first clutch, first AC work, etc. Post some pics if you have any!
  12. here's my new project that i picked up for $400. my 460 is going in this.
  13. Awesome, I wish I could go as radical as a 460 but I dont have one laying around all i have is this nice forged 306.


    Unstable racing of Okla
  14. I used to have a 78 Zephyr Z-7 that I put a 5.0 and 8.8 from an 88 Mustang into.It also had a C-4.If you are using a roller motor and a duraspark distributor get the right gear, the double hump crossmember will fit if you cut the tubes down to the same length as the Zephyr ones,the 8.8 fit no problem and I transferred the brake lines over from the old rear so I didn't have to change anything there, the stock h-pipe from the Mustang with the cats hit the floorpan of the Zephyr so I took the upper cats off and replaced them with straight pipe.The stock k-member seemed a lot heavier than the later Mustang ones, you might want to change it down the road with something lighter.Every thing else was mechanically the same as a Mustang.
  15. I just sent a 79 Fairmont to the junkyard (it was rusted beyond repair).
    It had a strong running 94 5.0 (holley carbed), built C-4, 10 holes with newer Comp T/As, and a nice stereo. Paid $400 for mine too.

    I bought it to put the engine in my 90, tired of not driving the car because my 393 build is going nowhere.
  16. I got a 4dr Zephyr. It has a 200ci inline six and a C4, 7.5 rearend. Can I drop a 5.0 in it or do I have to get a better C4, they put a light duty C4 in the 6cyl cars, correct. Heres a pic of mine. They are pretty cars I think, and make great sleepers. Its got Grandma written all over it.
  17. Those cars definately make great sleepers. I never get a chance to spot one drivin around anymore.
  18. Jerry.....

    You have to change the K frame in the front suspension to put a V-8 where an inline 6 was. One from a V-6 will work. Upgrade to bigger brakes, it'll stop better. Nice looking future sleeper, dude. Later Bob
  19. Thanks for the boss input guys!
  20. Got a related question.

    Is the 84ish thunderbird on a fox chasis? It is similar in design. Cant remember if it is 4 or 5 lug.