My mustang is haunted!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Ok here's my story. Kinda long but well worth reading. Back in April I bought a 97 Mustang base, it had been wrecked in the front but just cosmetics were damaged. Since then I have replaced the windsheild, header panel, corner lights, shifter, mirror, thermostat, aligned the front body panels and hood, fixed the trunk where it will open, and other random stuff. I have driven this car around town periodically thru-out the months and finally taged and titled it this past weekend. Today I drove it to work (which is an hour away) and on the way home the speedometer quit ( I literally watched it fall to 0). So I get home and notice that the clock quit as well. So I get out the fuses and figure I would fix that first. I replaced all the fuses whether if they needed changing or not. Now (brace yourself) when you either try to lock the doors with the buttons the parking lights come on for as long as you have it depressed or when you shut the car off the doors automatically lock. Now I veiw myself as a decent mechanic but wiring issues is not my thing:shrug:. If someone could possibly help me with this it would save this mustang from becoming a yard ornament. I do know the previous owner had a stereo system in it and hacked into every wire they could find for one reason or another (this is what burns me:mad:, now i have to straighten out their mess).
  2. To continue on from last nights post. After much thought about it I am certain the 2 problems are not connected. I must have crossed the fuse slots with one fuse due to it not doing this before. The speedometer gear in the dash must be stripped so when I get home I will fix the fuse issue and then inspect the gear. Any info on what else could have caused the speedo problem would be helpful.
  3. Hello. are you still having this problem?

    Is the speedo the only thing that quit on you? Nothing else beside the clock? Did you ever get this problem solved yet?

    The door lock problem sounds like an alarm system perhaps improperly installed. The doors should not LOCK when the key turns off, it should UNLOCK. That is strange how the lights come on anytime you press the lock button. Again, sounds like a poorly installed alarm/security system, or something has gone amuck with the alarm.
  4. well I got it all fixed. After replacing one more burnt out fuse that actually looked fine and ripping the old alarm system out everything is in working order electronically now. Even installed a radio. Now I have a tranny shift problem to fix. First thing in the morning I have to pull the shifter down into 2nd in order for it to shift out of first(figure its probably a shift sensor or something). There is also a light roaring in the rearend ( might need to change the grease in the rearend on weekend) and the engine is not idling smoothly, has a bit of a loap to it (gonna try new plugs and wires, seems like it has the originals in it still). The drivers seat is power and the tracks refuse to budge any forward or back, up or down (already taken the seat out and greased the tracks but no luck so far). It's a project in the works that my oldest son keeps hinting around about driving in 2 yrs when he turns 16. I told him I'd get him an 81 with the 4 cyl engine. He frowned.