my mustang is SLOW!!

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by chickensofttaco, Apr 17, 2012.

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  2. Off hand i dont know what thw codes are but i am going to assume the codes are going to read that your cats are bad.same as if you had removed them
  3. Hey bud i had the same problem once get high flow cats or cut them out completely
  4. also you need to cut down your injectors to a 24 lb. Even with the mods you hqave on it the engine wont support those big injectors. Basically your engine is getting all that gas but it dosent have the ass to burn it all, you are runnig way to rich and that has been known to cause your cats to go to :poo:.
  5. Hey bud all these model cars you can delete your cats and then use the programer to delete the rear o2 sensors and it will run just fine. I did it to my 04 gt and and i gained 20HP to the ground on the dyno with no problems.
  6. I know this..i mod/tune these cars on a daily basis...i know youre just providing helpful input so dont take this as me snapping back or being a jerk

    Not to be a dick but there is no way you got a 20hp increase by just cutting out the cats..
  7. well see thats what i thought too but when i cut my cats off and deleted the rear o2s i also had no mufflers. From 1 day i had put down on the dyno 363RWHP and the very next day early in the morning i cut the cats and such, went back to the dyno and put down 383RWHP. I cant explain it bud ii really cant. currently im in asscrackistan but as soon as we get home ill get the dyno sheets and post them.

  8. Lmao at asscrackistan hahaha

    You obviously have some kind of power adder?
  9. yeah i forgot to mention i had a KB 2.1L sorry bout that
  10. What are your mods.... pics?
  11. after i put the 14 PSI pull on my final numbers where 407RWHP and 512LBFT of torque @ above 6000ft elevation.
  12. N8dogg98,
    I had a KB 2.1L, 42 PSI injectors, boosta pump, cold air of course, 255LPH ford focus fuel pump, deleted my CATs and rear o2 sensors, and deleted my PPRV. i think thats it bud.
    like i said im in asscrackistan right now. no pictures
  13. Your numbers are pretty weird for a 14psi pull. Over 500 ft-lbs but "only" 400HP? And 14psi: What was done to the shortblock?
  14. the short block was stock. and that exactly what i said. KB nor the place that tuned me or another mustang expert could tell my why. Generic sea level numbers where 468RWHP and 566 LBFT.
  15. if the op had got some bad gas somewhere that can or will clog some cat or partially freeze a valve. i would have looked for tight ex valves or excessive wear on cam lobes. i would also get injectors ultra-sonic cleaned flow measured if reused, just to be safe