My Mustang with Air Ride and big billet wheels

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  1. I'm doing the same thing to my '73 as well. Did you change front fenders as well or just use the ones on the car? I've been told that the '71-'72 are different from from the '73's but everything seemed to fit ok.
  2. Please do put up some pics of the intall.

    Are you aired out for the pics, or is that normal ride hight?
  3. Those green things don't go with the black car, he needs to ditch them, keep the girls just ditch all that green they have one. :D

    Great looking car though.
  4. Wow... I have never really enjoyed the looks of Mustangs of those years, but I was up LATE last night fantasizing about building a car of that year, because of your car. It looks SICK. Certain things you did just make it come together better than I've ever seen.

    Good job! Can't wait to see more updates in the future!
  5. Hi there :)
    Yes i did change my front fenders, the 71-72 fenders are a little bit different where the bumper goes. There are some more steel there on the 73 fenders.
    The thing you do there is to cut away the little extra steel. But if everything looks good as it is now, then there is no need to change anything :shrug: :nice:
  6. Pics coming :nice:
    All out of air at the pics yes :flag:

  7. Thanks a lot :nice: :nice: :nice:
    That was really cool to hear :nice:
    Now a days im getting a new engine and trans to it.
    I have also ordered Wilwood disc brakes all around with polished calipers.
    Im also making some new brackets for my Be Cool radiator and Billet Specialties overflow tank :)
  8. well where are the pics?????

    Im dying here!
  9. Hey, Your 73 is sick. Love the stance. I'm currently having mine restored. The 73 is a horrible year to tackle. I guess thats why you used the 71-2 front end? We used the 71 front bumper and brackets,but kept the fenders. The rear of mine also recieved the bumper tucked in. DId you do anything special on the rear of the car to make the bumper and valance and bottom quarters finish together nicely?

    any help would be great ...JON
  10. Pics? Write up on the impressions of the suspension? Ease of suspension? What's the average gestation period for the African Gray Elephant?
  11. What size rear tire and rim are you running and what is your backspacing? Also, did you have to modify your wheel wells at all?
  12. Very Impressive :hail2: :hail2:

    Is this an Electro Luminescent Intrument Panel Overlay?


    Is this

    the same car you purchased back in 2003?

    One last question: Is it safe to assume that you can't actually drive the car with it lowered to the level pictured?
  13. Hey modmach1, where'd you go?
  14. You have changed my opinion of the 71-73 Stangs.
    Very nice:nice:
  15. Same here... Nice job :nice:

  16. Hi there Platonic Solid!
    Been awhile since i've been on here :)

    Lets see, yes the instrument panel are overlays, dont remember were i bought them, but it was in the us i 2003.

    That is not the same car, this is another one i had :)
    Here is a picture of how that turned out (the green hulk above):

    And yes, i cant drive it that low, the backwheels are hugging the inner fender when all the way down. I have to raise it just a little bit :)
  17. Hi there :)
    Im running a 20x9,5 billet rim with 275/35-20 Bridgestone Potenza rear.
    I dont exactly have the backspacing i my head, but that i can find out.
    i have it written down. I massaged the fender flears just a tiny bit :nice:
    But there was no need to do anything with the wheel wells!
  18. I changed it because i like the 71-72 grill and bumper ALOT more :D
    I welded the bottom valance to the body, and i love how it looks.
    The bumper brackets was fabricated so the bumper got tucked as much as possible :)
  19. Looks badass.
  20. I must say, this is the coolest fat boy i have ever seen!