My Mustang with Air Ride and big billet wheels

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  1. amazing job! I ride high in my 71 big body , now you got me thinking 'bout airing it out and dragging my ass too!!
  2. Well...its been almost five years since my last post....
    A lot has happend to the Mustang! Mainly in the last six months....
    Lets see: new engine and transmission, new brakes, new paint, and new interior..

    I have called the updated version Phat-1 "Reloaded"
    A little sneakpeak, i'll post more if you want to see more :)

  3. I for one want to see more, it is hard to imagine how long it has been! My Mustang dreams are on the back-burner now, pretty sure I'm going to buy a house first, but StangNet sure helps ease the pain!
  4. The interior after :)
  5. you have one of the nicest big body mustangs i have ever seen, but im not too keen on the late model dash in there.
  6. Man I love white - works really well on that car! Also the girls hair reminds me of a horses tail. That doesn't really sound good lol but it fits with Mustangs.
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  7. Mustangs Rock! I got mine my senior year-67FB. My buddy's parents bought him one shortly after I got mine cause there bad ass but his ended up a 72. He hated it for jealous reasons at first but I loved it and wanted one as well. He came around after awhile and appreciated it like I did. Your car looks bad to the bone!
  8. This is defiantly the longest by date post I think I've ever seen in any forum. Lol love your car. I have 18's & 20's on my 67, just a little wider front and back. Love the look

    Route666 Don't ever use that line. It won't work! Lmao
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  9. I have to admit, I have never wanted to own a 71-73 Mustang until now. Very nice work! I can add that body style to my list of cars to look out for!