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  1. I own a 1986 LX coupe.It runs all right,but it does have an oil and transmission fluid leak.It has no wing/spoiler.It also needs a paint job & new rims.So far the only thing I have really done to it is that I put in a Sony Xplod CD player/stereo.I am going to get the car painted midnight grey.I am also going to do black racing stripes up the middle of the car.I also want to put a dual exaust on my car.

    Can people please give me ideas for my wing/spoiler?I don't know what exactly would look good in it.
  2. I'm not sure, but if it's the non hatchback kind, (not up on my fox body models) then I say just leave it spoilerless. I doubt you'll ever find a spoiler to look good on there. Just drop it a bit, get some nice WELD racing wheels and pop those on there. It'll look mighty fine then.
  3. I believe Saleen made a wing for the coupes/convertibles for those years....but I can't find a picture. I'm sure some of the guys in the 5.0 forum could definitely hook you up with pics of their cars.

    Before any wheel swap, I'd highly recommend a 5 lug conversion for your stang. They're getting cheaper all the time, I think all 4 wheels now down to 500 bux.
  4. Yea I'mma have to do a 5-lug conversion.I want to put on the Bullit rims,I think they'd look good on my car with the paint color I going to get it painted.I see them on Ebay around $500-$600 and that is at the buy now price.

    Any clue where I can buy the conversion kit and how much it would cost?