My name is freakintiger, and I am addicted to Stangnet

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  1. You don't even have a 351wcoupe yours is a wussy little 4cyl....

    that, even not running perfect, will still bust my trucks ass. :nonono:
  2. just remember who let you borrow my wussy 4 cyln......... :bs: :spot:
  3. Hi my name is Alex and I too am addicted to Stangnet. It all started in February this year when I first got my Mustang. Had no idea what was about to happen. At first I thought I'd treat it like any other car I owned (sunbird, cavalier, topaz, chevette)not really concerned about doing mods and stuff, but something just happened. I realized I owned a Mustang, so I wanted to learn just a little about it. Well needless to say 4 months later I'm correcting my Dad and Brother who are mechanics and I'm not. I'm reading the Clintins (spel) How to rebuild an engine. and now considering becoming a mechanic like the family instead of the computer geek I am now. I became obsessed with my Stang. I now point out other stangs on the road, I go directly to the automotive section in Walmart, or Canadian Tire. The only site that I go to now is Stangnet (maybe a couple adult sites here and there). My girlfriend thankfully supports this addiction or should I say obsession. I named my car Jenna . I just got a full mustang horse decal for my backwindow, which I tinted 2 weeks ago. and now the possiblilties are endless what I will take my car too. .... :D
  4. I'm avalible for couple counciling if you two need some professional help :D

  5. DISCLAIMER:I did'nt start this thread to destroy relationships. If you are easily influenced, frightened,or excited, use this thread with care.
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  6. so why did you start this thread .... hehe

  7. "When you can answer that question Thread-hopper, then you may leave the Forum."
    (a gong sounds in the distance)
  8. oo ... harsh ... this thread is too much for me ... lol
  9. :rlaugh: man, even u tiger are funny at 2am ! :D

  10. Thankyou sir, trying my best. :D