My Names 5.0droptop.........

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  1. My 99 lightning has been replaced


    1991 Mustang GT Convertable Triple Black, 54000 miles nyhuvepu.jpg hepu8uze.jpg ava8e3ed.jpg 8y9emyqy.jpg aruregan.jpg
    - 3:73 Gears
    - Short throw shifter 5 speed
    - electric fan
    - caster camber plates
    - cervinis cobra cowl hood and wing
    - flowmasters
    - cobra disc brakes front and back
    - cobra wheels
    - 4 brand new hancook tires
    - new rear main seal
    - lowered 2 inches all around
    Frame ties
    Mac pro chamber with flows
    Bbk quadrant and fire wall adj.

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  2. I'd drive it .......NICE!!! :nice:
  3. Dayum. Welcome back. I foresee boost in your future.
  4. If gas prices ever drop Id consider boosting it. Right now Ill just clean it up and do some more mods.

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  5. About time!
  6. Nice ride! I love black mustangs with polished/chrome rims. Looking good:nice:
  7. I would tear out the cold air intake and go straight ketchup injection
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  8. I would have kept the Lightning lol
    But I'm big in to trucks, though
  9. we knew you would be back
  10. Nice... 5-lug conversion already done too.
    What did you end up giving for it?
  11. a lightning
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  12. I think it's a decent trade. What does the thing sound like?
  13. very nice ride! Don't tell me what you paid, as I don't want to be jealous... lol
  14. ill trade you my black notch for it @5.0Droptop
  15. Im glad your screen name now matches what you own!o_O

    BTW very nice vert, with tastful mods.
  16. It sounds like typical 5.0 with mac pro chamber. Not loud at all. Just mello nice tone

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  17. I traded my 99 lightning for it. I had 700O in the lightning.

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  18. After some cleaning.

    ny7etuvy.jpg edytu8ys.jpg yjusy7u7.jpg ene9ugyd.jpg
    u6y6u5ej.jpg zy6une6u.jpg

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  19. I have a black 93 lightning. U should have let me have it ;)
  20. Man, I'm jealous. Roofless cars are so much fun, and that thing is super clean. Now if only you could find a way to put that supercharged 5.4L under that hood...