My Names 5.0droptop.........

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  1. Nik I got this to save gas. Lol

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  2. What are your plans for future mods? It looks great, but stuck in the late 90's. Not that that is a bad thing, just curious if you are leaving it there.
  3. No question, gorgeous looking ride!!!
  4. Did u read the mods? Has some nice stuff done. And i dont plan to change much other than dress the engine with better intake etc

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  5. Yeah, it has nice mods already, I just read where you said no supercharger, just other mods...
  6. Maybe later ill build it. I got this to help conserve gas money. The lightning was putting me in the poorhouse at 14mpg highway and maybe 10 around town. I drive 50 miles perday round trip. This should get over 23-24 on highway.

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  7. Hey, welcome back to the 5.0 drop top club!
  8. Hey! How have you been?

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  9. Welcome back dude, your red vert was what got me into verts back in the day! new car looks good
  10. Wow. Thanks.


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  12. Fog light mod done.
    Shortened stock antenna.
    Installed stock air box.

    susequru.jpg ajyhymyn.jpg ehu7uryg.jpg

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  13. did you bring it to the shop or did you attempt the antenna mod solo ?

    what did you do with the fog lights they look great, i need that !
  14. I did the antenna mod at work.
    I did the fog light relay set up.
    I used this article.

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  15. thanks

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  16. You're welcome.

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  17. Good, though I haven't been too active around here in years. I still have mine and it's better than ever though, and I still come around here frequently to see what's up.
  18. I just saw photos of your car that someone posted on instagram.

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  19. That's funny. Got a link? Probably from a show yesterday in Toledo?