My Names 5.0droptop.........

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  2. Haha, yes indeed. A couple cars down was a new Roush w/balloons tied to it (the guy surprised his wife w/it upon arriving @ the show, as an anniversary gift).
  3. I had a buddy at dealership run carfax.
    No accidents. Mileage on odo is 54,xxx and is original miles. I figured the guy was honest and you can tell by looking at the car.

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  4. Waxed and buffed today

    edy7a8ud.jpg u7yvy9yv.jpg gyze2u6a.jpg

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  5. Whoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo... Lives in a pine-apple under a treeee?





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  6. Me!!!!

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  7. That's one PURTY machine, Mr Top!!!

    (((jealous))) :D
  8. Thank you Mr Grim

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  9. LOL, I had to read that twice before I got it.

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  10. Saying, I wondered why it didn't show up in the headlight thread....
  11. Wait wut

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  12. Sorry . My phone hates me sometimes. Meant to post that pic on the headlight thread. Got my threads all jacked up.
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  13. Its ok i still love you. Lol

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  14. :nice:
  15. Well. Not much to report on the car. It has almost 59k on it now. I installed granateli upper and lower rear control arms on it. I have some engine mods in mind and im gathering parts as cheap as possible.
  16. You make a decision on those Roush heads?
  17. Not yet. I found a cam and rockers though. I really want to find gt40 heads.

    May go junk yarding and find a exploder with 3 bar gt40
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