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  1. Did you primer that before the paint?
  2. No need to. It was bare aluminum. This stuff needs no primer
  3. Heres a update

    1.72 rockers on
    Explorer intake on
    Alum radiator new t stat and cap
    Lots of cleaning and detailing

  4. New audio went in. 6 new speakers ford trip tunes mp3 kit and a 10" sub

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  5. Wanna trade? Lol
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  6. Shawn you always build some sweet rides
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  7. Thanks
  8. I like speakers
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  9. Me too
  10. :shrug: I would have put a component set up front those 3.5" speakers in the dash sound like chit if you put any bass through them.

    they are better than stock though.
  11. These sound nice.
  12. These sound nice.
  13. Bass blockers
  14. I get it you don't need to tell me twice, I'm not your wife I understand!
  15. Ill tell you as many times as i want!
  16. you indians are ornery
  17. Fixt
  18. ill send your Uncle Meat over to relieve you
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