Build Thread My Never Ending 89 Notch Thread

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  1. So do I get the thumbs up then ? Lol
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  2. :nice:


    Makes me consider Pony Wheels.

    Then I look away and I'm over it. :D
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  3. It's kinda fun. Scroll up --> WANT Scroll down --> :think: Scroll up __> WANT
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  4. Well I like it
  5. Thanks man . One day it may get ccw classics . But for now I have to keep some sort of budget right? Lol
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  7. IMG_6407.JPG The ebrake cables I had gotten were wrong . So I ordered the right ones .

    The handle is out and will be modified .

    Tires are switched around from my old front wheels and drag radials mounted :)
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  8. IMG_6423.JPG Hmmmmm wonder what this is ?
  9. Dunno-but glad the postman was able to get it to ya,ya know,since somebody scribbled out your Name & address :D
  10. That's because it was supposed to come to my address. Jeff, I'll just pm you that so you can send it my way.;)
  11. Well to be honest it was never addressed to me to begin with . But a good friend of ours the blower guru has it safe and sound :)
  12. Hey Jeff, I do the same sht with stuff I don't want my wife to see.....She don't see it, it don't exist!
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  13. Meh non issue for me .

    Just did it that way because I'm gonna strap the car down there . Swap the blower and have kris re tune it . So might as well just have it there already anyway .
  14. IMG_6424.JPG My buddy Andrew took care of me with the tig as usual . All ready to go
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  15. Did you cut the spring tab to disengage it? If so, go-ahead and cut the spring completely off, it will save you the rattling of that thing when you are driving down the road.

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  16. Yes spring tab is cut and so is the top tab so the handle goes back to the fully closed position. I'll cut the whole spring off tonight at work thanks !
  17. It suuuuureeee is :cool:
  18. img_6407-jpg.577443.jpg

    Ummm.... You're doing it wrong.

    Oh chit o_O
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  19. IMG_6457.JPG Ebrake is all done and working . Ready to rock .

    After a good bath and some cruising next up is the blower swap and re tune.