Build Thread My Never Ending 89 Notch Thread

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  1. you came in mAking a comment that car wants to be an 8 cyl I'm not uptight if you
    meant that with the handles painted it would look like a 4 cyl car that was converted you could've said that . and the hid comment seemed like a dig at me and they r in. so no issues here now that that's all cleared up
  2. yeah I think all the trim is staying black just the body moldings will be color matched
  3. With that popping red paint I like how the side moldings set off the car..but either way it looks great.Also throw some black 5.0 emblems on it..that would look tough!
  4. whats making me so on the fence about it is that it looks great with the bright red but with the red candy color it will be a lot darker and metallic and i almost feel like the side moldings are gonna clash and be lost with black where as in body color it will flow but again still undecided lol
  5. Just a thought if thats the factory color i would keep it the same I think the bright red looks awesome and its rare on a notch...but if you go with the darker shade yes it will look better painting the belt mouldings..either way you cant loose!
  6. here's the deal with the red as I like it it was a respray a bad
    one at that and is way to orange red then dark red , I've seen the color I want with my jams and you can't tell unless ur up close but well see lol once the 5 speed
    is done it goes for paint
  7. so slight setback ... lmr is out of stock despite what the site says and has no eta on when there getting more so once I get the refund order it from summit , clutch cable
    will be in the 17th an I finally got my whole setup out of my green car so now the waiting game for the t5 kit
  8. so my smoked headlight kit is in and i moved the speedo cable over to the correct hole for the stick swap. also set the mm quadrant up on my pedals.. possibly tomorrow i may install my pedals into the car and set the cable in and hide it under my dash for now and once i get the trans sorted out ill be ready to go. mw6syu.jpg
  9. todays progress is .....

  10. the 5speed is in I dont have the pics up yet. but I'm sure we know what it looks like done lol next on the list is paint and my control arms up front are SHOT
  11. looks good man keep up the good work im thinking i might need two foxs to meet my needs.
  12. there endless money pits of love lol
  13. Haahheeyy mamamaan,,,,ththththose picsss look a little shshshaky. Mi mi might wanna reconsi si si sider ba ba bracing yourselfff better next ta ta time.:confused:
    And that blurry stuff going on in front of your car is making me motion sick,...........and I'm sitting still:puke:
  14. Uhhh, you put a red christmas tree air freshener in your car? That was "today's progress"?:shrug:

    Just kidding man,....congrats on the successful conversion of 4 to 5 speeds.
  15. thanks man yeah the phone was blurry i was trying to snap quick as we were working ha-ha... car feels awesome today, but as you know you make progress and theirs a set back.. needs front control arm bushings like yesterday so that's next on the list.
  16. this weekend i got the trans back out and the throw out bearing changed because it was the one part I left out not thinking about it and it started making noise the next day after the swap . I changed that out swapped my messed up leaking h pipe for my new x pipe and did sway bar bushings and links . car feels 100 times better power wise with the nasty exhaust leak gone and the front end feels alot better with a working sway bar ... 2 weeks until paint
  17. picked up. a cervinis 2.5inch cowl for 400 brand new going for paint Monday
  18. Did you remember to swap out the stock aluminum bearing retainer, for the upgraded steel unit while you had it out? Cheap insurance for smooth clutch operation.
  19. gear banger, appears to have been done already the trans was opened before I had it I found out when I pulled it from my 93, if the clutch was any smoother it would be hydraulic ,it feels great especially after I did the TOB