Build Thread My Never Ending 89 Notch Thread

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  1. Were did he buy this from? Mine had black leather seats but not halos on them...mine said mustang on them...
  2. If for some reason you lose your mind and decide to sell the notch, you must PM me first and I will come out to NY for it. I have fallen in love with your car.
  3. the guy he got it from had those headrests for it !!

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  4. has a radar detector hard wired

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  5. Thank you bro if I ever did I will keep you in mind but as for now I am in love
    and a motor is next

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  6. Thats my old that guy is on the forum he is so full of Sh** he said he re-painted it and the rear frame was rotted...i bought that car a few yrs ago sold it to buy My now wife an engagement ring My dad was using it for awhile he had the heater core replaced does it have a small crackup in the dash near the gauage cluster?>...
  7. oh the rear deff has some rot a buddy of mine is gonna do that for my friend ... my boy bought the car and it had a bra on it to cover up the chips on the bumper , it's got U/d pulleys on it now idk if it has exhaust when you had it but it does now and a bbk intake now , strut towers are bad to those need to be done but I am trying to talk him into saving it the body is very straight

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  8. Car had BBK shorty headers off road X -pipe Mac cat back...he must have changed the Intake...I think it did of UD pullies...does it have a kenwood in it? i think thats what i had...that body is orignal except after the drivers door it had a little body work...yes it did have a bubble under the wing left side...had that when i bought it...the Guy he bought it from was from NJ Lou?.....strut towers i never noticed...they might have been a little rusty...That car is in great shape....
  9. I just did the pulleys , has a pioneer in it now it is a awesome car and I love the color combo that's why I am trying to get him to keep it my friend in jersey is gonna do all the rust repair

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  10. Yeah i forget what radio i had in him to keep in its a great car i love that color too...Hey i need body and paint work...LOL....someone in NJ you know?...
  11. he does like floor pan and strut tower repair no real body work like quarter panel and stuff like that

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  12. Cool i hope he keeps it...will he bring it to whiskey would love to see it again...
  13. oh deff maybe we will go out this weekend if you are gonna be out

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  14. Dropping My mustang off to get the trans installed hopefully tomorrow so yeah maybe i will be up there if not with that my wifes car or my 300 SRT8....but im 100% sure i should be up there...
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  15. Hey whats up. I own the GT. Yes i bought it from the guy Lou. Ill gladly bring it by so you can see it.
  16. Oh hayyyy

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  17. Cool thanks really didnt want to sell it when i did...but hey i had other projects to do...My wife didnt want me to get rid of it...she really liked it, when we met i had the also has alot of sentimental value to me...My Dad used it for a few months for work...He died shortly after with stomach cancer...He loved that
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  18. Wanna buy it back?
  19. How much you want for it?
  20. Honestly i bought the car for 4 a couple months ago and would just like to get that. Its just im not really a GT guy lol.