Build Thread My Never Ending 89 Notch Thread

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  1. He doesn't wana be the odd guy. when we Are all in our notches ;)

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  2. Thats what i sold it
  3. Lol well isnt that some :poo:.
  4. Yeah im thinking he lost some money if he did something to it...i know he did the
  5. OK this is a full two pages of no updates wtf Jeff? I thought this was your thread lmao
  6. Yeah well it's all good because things are slow ... I learned a valuable lesson about pre 90 quarter plastics and I am up :poo:s creak cuz I got rid of mine that were red so now I have to drill mine .... playing with timing today to try and get rid of my power issue I am having . Other wise it's kinda slow . my buddy wants to maybe do a real photoshoot this weekend with his camera so I am hoping for that .

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  7. Nope he didnt do a single thing to it. I did the bs cold air and pullies lol
  8. You said it had a cobra intake? or stock intake?
  9. Stock intake , BBK cold air

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  10. Ohhh ok.he did nothing to it then,LOL....
  11. ImageUploadedByTapatalk1370608964.034802.jpg

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  12. Looking Awesome...I think Whiskey might not be a wash out...early clearing tomorrow...No mustang for me tho...:nonono:
  13. yeah I don't no if I am
    making it this week prob going down the shore tomorrow with some friends

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  14. I have a family party this Saturday so maybe I'll see you all next week at the Whiskey. :shrug:
  15. Rump a bump - Just orderd the rear trunk emblems , LX and ford , orderd all new door panel clips , also orderd new sail panel covers the ones that cover the mirror wire inside the car this way I can drill and mess up my old ones for my tweeter placement for my components and then do the final drill on the new ones.

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  16. Nice coming together for you!!!! Wish i can get mine done...Going to Whiskey this Saturday??
  17. Possibly , might be doing a Staten Island show during the day

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  18. Ok cool...wont have the mustang tho...just havent had the time to detail it...i did however change the oil in it and i have it here at work with me you make it out this time i will say
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  20. ImageUploadedByTapatalk1371697891.417306.jpg emblems are on

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